Feedback "Missile Conflict BLITZ"
Why we need your feedback?

Factually a game is only a good game, when the gamer love to play this game. In case to reach this statement, we need your help. We appreciate if you give us a lot of feedback or new suggestions so that we can improve our game.
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Do you like the game? *
Not really
Yes, I love it
What do you think about the gameplay difficulty? *
Too easy
Too tough
How accessible was the game for you *
Terrible, I still don't understand the game
It was easy to understand
Do you like "missile defender" games? *
Not really
Oh yes, that's my favoured genre
How do you think about this adaptation of the "missile defender" theme? *
I don't like it
It is great
What is your option about the career system *
Do you like the graphics style? *
No, it is ugly
Oh yes, it is great atmosphere
Do you like the sound and music? *
No, I muted all audio
I like it
How important is it for you to compete with friends about highscores? *
I don't mind
Very important
Have you used the friends and ranking system in the game? *
Please tell us what we should improve on the ranking system
What do you think about the number of ads in the game? *
Way too much
It is ok for me
What is your opinion about the ingame purchasements? *
What devices do you like playing on the most and what is your favoured screen orientation? *
What new features would you welcome most
What other settings or environments would you like for a game like this?
What else do you want to communicate to us?
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