Community Input Survey: Strategic Plan and Budget Priorities (January, 2018)
The Roselle School District 12 Board of Education and Administration is interested in community feedback as we continue to review our current situation and the path forward relative to our Strategic Plan and our Budget. The items mentioned in the survey questions stem from the Strategic Plan and we are seeking your input regarding the importance with which you view these items.

The following bullet points will assist you with better understanding the context in which the items can be viewed:

-The referendum generates approximately $1,874,481 in new money, giving the district about $11,198,674 for annual expenses (it is necessary to state these as approximate numbers due to the fact that many items are budgeted amounts that can and do fluctuate throughout the year and from year to year. It is also important to note that the budget itself and the money produced by the referendum changes yearly as a result of factors that change such as CPI and the levy).

-Of that amount, approximately $8.5 Million is needed in order for us to comply with federal and state mandates and maintain current levels of academic services (including Supplies and Transportation). This also includes $6.3 million in personnel expenses that are building-level positions working directly with students and $650,000 in District Office personnel expenses

-Of the remaining amount, $637,000 is the payment on the Debt Certificates for the facilities work and $200,000 is needed to balance the structural deficit each year.

-Our current working cash bond payments total about $630,000 per year.

-Ongoing curricular improvement expenses of $50,000-$125,000 are needed to keep D12 on a curriculum cycle in order to ensure that all students have access to quality curricular materials and instruction.

-We have ongoing facilities expenses in the amount of $50,000-$100,000 for necessary furniture replacements in all grades and the lunchroom at both schools.

-We have an estimated $1,080,000 in expenses related to purchased services (such as Chrome Book leases, custodial contracts, printer/copier lease, audit expenses) as well building supply expenses and utilities.

-Our education fund has an estimated shortfall of $2,500,000 in fund balance to meet and maintain at our policy requirement of 25% (or 3 month of expenses in the bank, which is what ISBE recommends and requires for its top financial rating). While we currently comply with the 25% of total expenditures in reserves policy, this is entirely due to the 2015 debt issuance of working cash bonds, which we are still paying.

*Please note that the survey will close at noon on January 22, 2018.

Please rate each of the following items from our Strategic Plan based on how important you think each item is for our school district. The items are listed in no particular order. The ratings for each item range from 0 (Not Important) to 5 (Extremely Important).

The Board will review the responses that get submitted and will make summary information available on the D12 website (
On behalf of the D12 Board of Education and Administration, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your input.

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Providing a robust level of services and a continuum of services for students who require academic interventions , support for 504 Plans (plans for students with disabilities) and IEPs (Individualized Education Plans for students who qualify for special education supports and services) that are required by federal law. *We currently have a good special education program, but we are hoping to increase our special education staff next year by 2.0 full-time employees. This will allow us to have a co-teaching model at all grade levels K-8 and will also allow us to provide support minutes for students with a higher level of special education needs. *
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Continuing to invest in curricular materials to build a curriculum review and improvement cycle for all content areas, including Fine Arts and Band. *
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Improving learning spaces for students. *We currently are able to take care of the required Health, Life & Safety issues such as HVAC, lighting, roofing, and paving. We need to invest in necessary furniture replacements at both schools, including student desks, chairs and lunchroom tables/chairs. Our furniture is approaching the age where repairs are no longer possible. *
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Maintaining lower class sizes in all grade levels K-8. *Our goal is to keep class sizes in the low 20s. Some class sizes were in the high 20s before we reduced to half day. *
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Providing full day Kindergarten rather than the current half day Kindergarten. *
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Providing an adequate level of technology and infrastructure to maintain and expand innovative learning opportunities for students. *We provide Chromebooks for all students in grades 1-8 and increased access to technology in Kindergarten. With technology rapidly changing, we must make sure we avoid having our technology and/or infrastructure become obsolete. *
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