Sustainability Award Manchester Food & Drink Festival 2018
This questionnaire is for you to provide information on the sustainability of your business, by asking about your sourcing, society and environmental practices.
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Local & Seasonal
Using local and seasonal produce to support British business, reduce haulage costs and the environmental impact of transport.
To what level of detail do you know the provenance of the majority (aproximately 80%) of your ingredients?
Do you favour local sourcing (sourcing from within 50 miles of the restaurant) within your procurement or purchasing standards?
How do you promote the provenance of your ingredients and/or your suppliers?
More Veg, Better Meat:
Increasing the proportion of veg-led dishes on your menu to combat environmental damage, and purchasing high welfare meat and dairy products.
What proportion of your menu is made up of dishes suitable for vegetarians?
When serving meat, do you undertake any of the following practices:
To which standard can you be certain that at least 80% of the meat you purchase is:
Do all dishes on the children's menu include at least one portion of vegetables? (A portion is defined as 40-60 g for children)
Sourcing Fish Responsibly
Serving sustainably caught fish to ensure the future of fish stocks and marine environments.
Have you removed all fish 'rated 4 or 5' by the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) from your menu?
Supporting Global Farmers
Sourcing fairly traded produce to ensure farmers in the developing world have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness
Which standard best covers at least 80% of the imports you purchase (coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, exotic fruit)?
Does your business have any additional programmes or plans in place to support global producers in your supply chain?
Treating Staff Fairly
Providing equal opportunities, training and clear policies to keep employees happy and productive.
How much do you pay your staff (based on the lowest paid, part-time member of staff excluding tips and service charge)?
Do you hire apprentices?
Supporting the Community
Engaging with the local community, with schools and charities to support the people supporting you.
Does your business support any of the following?
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Managing what comes in and goes out of your business to reduce wastage and eliminate waste-to-landfill.
Do you have initiatives in place to actively reduce waste to landfill?
Do you monitor the volume of waste produced for the following:
Do you have active reduction targets in place for any of the following waste streams:
Are you doing anything innovative on the subject of waste reduction or circular economy? (For example, working with suppliers around reusable packaging, eliminating plastics, etc.) Please describe:
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Waste No Food
Monitoring, managing and innovating to reduce food waste.
Do you separate your food waste?
Do you use any of the below measures to reduce avoidable food waste?
Value Natural Resources
How do you offer drinking water to customers?
Have you set documented, specific and measurable reduction targets for any of the following:
If purchasing a renewable/green tariff, what proportion of energy comes from renewable sources:
Are you currently driving any other unmentioned sustainability initiatives influencing the wider industry?
If yes, please detail
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