Program Participant Application (2022)
Rosemary’s Babies Company Confidant Care Support allows our organization to provide 24/7 financial, emergency and emotional support for teen parent families, moms and dads (13-19),  in the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana). This service is free of charge ($0.00).

Families are able to contact Rosemary’s Babies virtually:
Call or Text: (513) 813-TEEN (8336)
Social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn
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Emergency Transportation
During these times you or your baby may have medical appointments or need transportation to a family or friends.  Transportation support can be rideshare, bus card/token or Uber, Lyft or other means.  A household/family should not exceed more than $30 per month for transportation.

Emergency Resources
Emergency Resources: The nation is currently in a state of emergency. We are able to help in the following areas for families. A household/family should not exceed more than $50 in emergency resources per month.
If financial support is provided do you have one of the following electronic
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Household | Utility | Other resources
Housing and resources are vital for young families in times of this nationwide emergency and throughout the year. Rosemary’s Babies will provide support for those families facing disconnection, eviction, and other similar issues based on individual circumstances.

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Please allow Rosemary's Babies up to 72 hours (3 days) to respond to your request. If you have an immediate need that you are unable to wait for a response, please text/call (513)813-8336
These funds for services are distributed on a case by case basis at the discretion of the agency and are not guaranteed as they are based upon availability of resources.  
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