Sen. Agard's Legislative Survey
Senator Melissa Agard wants to hear about the issues that are most important to you.

It is my job to be your voice in the Wisconsin State Capitol, and I need to know what is important to you to be able to best represent you. Please help me by filling out this brief survey and telling me where you stand on important issues facing our state so I make sure my goals, values, and priorities reflect your interests. If you'd like to share any additional thoughts or have questions, please contact our office at

Thank you for your participation!
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In general, Wisconsin is moving in the right direction. *
Which of the following options would you agree with in regards to how Governor Evers has managed the COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin: *
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Should marijuana be taxed and regulated like alcohol in Wisconsin? *
How confident are you in regards to the security and integrity of our elections in Wisconsin? *
Not confident
Very confident
Are you concerned about gun violence in your community? *
Should a background check be conducted every time a gun is sold, including private sales? *
Should legislative districts be drawn by a nonpartisan agency rather than the legislature? *
Should Wisconsin do more to provide safe and affordable housing? *
Should Wisconsin expand BadgerCare by taking the federal ACA funds? *
Should the state do more to support the immigrants who call Wisconsin home? *
Should Wisconsin add to its nondiscrimination laws to prohibit discrimination against transgender people? *
Should Wisconsin prioritize addressing the racial disparities in our state? *
Which of the following options would you support to help address  Wisconsin's transportation budget shortfalls? *
Should Wisconsin do more to address and mitigate PFAS contamination of our water? *
Should Wisconsin do more to invest in green and renewable energy sources? *
Should Wisconsin raise the wage to $15/ hour over a transitional period and index it to inflation? *
Should Wisconsin allow counties, cities, towns, and villages to set their own minimum wage? *
Should Wisconsin protect a women's right to choose? *
Should menstrual products be taxed? *
Should public and voucher schools in Wisconsin have the same academic performance standards? *
Should Wisconsin do more to address climate change? *
Should the state do more to support and reinvest in Wisconsin's family farms? *
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