Animangaki 2017 Hisoutensoku Tournament Registration
It's time for our annual Animangaki Festival!!
Just recently, a certain oni and a celestial has decided to settle their conflicts with a good old fashion brawl. The denizens of Gensokyo caught wind of this news and decided to join in for the fun of it, with many wanting to prove their strength. This spectacle of a brawl can be seen on August 20th in Animangaki 2017, with the final showdown being held on the big stage in the main hall of SPCC.
This brawl is brought to you by the Malaysian Touhou Brigade, so join in and impress the audience with an exciting brawl that they will never forget!!

== Hisoutensoku Tournament Date & Time ==
Venue: Touhou Matsuri @Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)
Date: 20th of August 2017, Sunday
Time: 11:00AM

== Pre-Registration Time ==
Until 18th August@12:00AM

== On-Site Registration ==
Time: Day 1 & 2 (Until 10:30AM)@Touhou Matsuri Emcee Table

== Prizes ==
3rd Prize - Armaggeddon Havoc III + Assorted Touhou Merchandise
2nd Prize - Armaggeddon Pulse 6 + Assorted Touhou Merchandise
1st Prize - Armaggeddon MKA 3C + Assorted Touhou Merchandise

== Rules and Regulations ==
- You can bring your own keyboard/joysticks/gamepad. It's highly recommended that you come and test your devices early before the tournament. Testing is not allowed once the tournament has started.
- If you are doing on-site registration, please be sure to provide us with the profile you want to use, otherwise a default profile will be provided.
- A rematch will only be given if there are technical issues occurring during the match. The judge holds the right to decide whether a rematch is necessary.
- When your name is called, failure to respond within 5 minutes will result in disqualification with no rematches allowed. It is advised to keep track of your phone and set it to vibrate so that you do not miss your match.
- No keyboard slamming/screaming/profanity hurling between competitors. Please keep this tourney clean.
- Usage of modified equipment/software (i.e:macro) is PROHIBITED and can result in disqualification.
- Game glitches is NOT allowed. Usage of it can result in disqualification.
- All games will have their replays saved for archive purposes.
- Due to possibility of time constraints, sections of the tourney will proceed as soon as the previous one is done.

The organizers hold the right to change the details whenever necessary.

Malaysian Touhou Brigade:
Touhou Matsuri '17:

Art Credit:
Header image: Sinchi (Pixiv -

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