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Complete the below questions for each different COIL-enhanced Module you have taught. A COIL-enhanced Module is a COIL teaching collaboration that runs between 3 to 9 weeks, embedded in credit bearing course(s) at your SUNY Institution and a Partner Institution. You will be asked to repeat these for each different COIL-enhanced module you have taught, if applicable.
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Semesters Offered - check the boxes for each semester that you offered this particular course with the same partner.
Ex. If you taught the same/similar module with the same partner for three semesters, tic the three semesters below
Length of the COIL-enhanced Module (in weeks)
Course Title at SUNY Institution
Name of COIL-enhanced Module or Section (if the collaborative piece was given its own name)
Number of Students in SUNY course
International Partner Institution
Country of Partner Institution
Name of International Professor
School/Department/Program of International Professor
Course Title at Partner Institution (if different than SUNY course title)
Number of Students in the partner course
Online Tools and Applications Used (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Glogster, Padlet, Skype, Google hangouts)
List all that were significant to your COIL-enhanced module
Did You Assess the COIL-enhanced Module?
Refers to only the COIL part of the course. Does not refer to the assessment of the course into which the COIL-enhanced module was embedded.
If Yes, Briefly Explain, How You Assessed the COIL-enhanced Module
Platform Used
Have you taught more than one COIL-enhanced Module?
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