National Trip End Model (NTEM) short survey
The initial Discovery project is now closed. However, as NTEM is developed more user research will be conducted. Please do complete this survey as you help will still be useful in taking NTEM forward.

We are carrying out research in the form of a Discovery project on behalf of the Department for Transport on how the National Trip End Model (NTEM) is being used.

This will be used to look at ways to improve it and ensure it meets the needs of it's users in the future.

This research is being carried out by Hive IT.

Your answers will be retained for the duration of this project and further work resulting from it, for a maximum of 2 years. Should you wish them to be removed before then, or you have any questions, please email
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Do you have a disability or other condition that can affect how you use a computer or mobile phone?
We use this information to make sure we understand the needs of all users of NTEM, and to make sure we talk to a full cross section of users. Some reasons to say yes could include: Problems with your vision (like needing large text or having to use a screen reader), dyslexia, physical or motor difficulties, being Deaf or hard of hearing, or being on the autistic spectrum.
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