Defend Academic Freedom at San Francisco State
Dear President Wong and CSU Board of Trustees:

We undersigned want to express opposition to the ongoing defamation, intimidation, and assaults against the academic freedom of SFSU faculty members by the right-wing Zionist organization, The Lawfare Project. This is just the latest episode of a series of attacks from several Zionist groups against Prof. Abdulhadi and the Arab Muslim and Ethnicities Diasporas (AMED) Studies program at SF State. (1) We are troubled by the absence of a clear public statement from President Wong to offer a principled defense of Professor Rabab Abdulhadi who has been repeatedly and unfairly targeted by such attacks as has the College of Ethnic Studies and Dean Kenneth Monteiro.

The Lawfare Project filed its lawsuit against SFSU in federal court on June 19, 2017. (2) The suit conflates criticism of Israel and its denial of Palestinian rights with anti-Semitism, and on that basis charges SFSU with violating the constitutional and civil rights of Jewish students and community members. The intent of the lawsuit is clear: to silence researchers and advocates for Palestinian rights and to ensure that they are punished.

The Lawfare Project describes itself as “the legal arm of the pro-Israel community.” Its director, Brooke Goldstein, has appeared several times on Fox News and other media and has made explicit Islamophobic statements, for example, discrediting the word "Islamophobia" as a “made-up term propagated by the Muslin Brotherhood.” She has dismissed concerns around the growing hate speech against Muslims as a “dangerous phenomenon”. (3) She has denied the very existence of Palestinians, stating, “Why are we using the word Palestinian? There’s no such thing as a Palestinian person.” (4) Furthering its agenda, the Lawfare project has also attacked human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

The Lawfare Project suit references the protest in April 2016 by SFSU students of a SF Hillel event featuring Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.  The impetus for the student protest was Barkat’s history of home demolitions and racism against Palestinians. (5) When students protested the talk, SF Hillel broadcast false allegations of anti-Semitism and nonexistent physical threats towards Jewish students.  SFSU then conducted its own investigation and determined that these allegations were unfounded.

This independent investigation commissioned by President Wong and conducted by the Van Dermyden Maddux Law Firm on the “April Event” concluded that:
 “The protest was directed towards the Mayor of Jerusalem based on his politics, and not towards any of the audience members based on the audience members’ protected characteristics. The record tips in favor of concluding that the protestors’ attention, comments and conduct were directed at the Mayor.  This finding is bolstered by the fact that the protestors left the Event shortly after the Mayor exited the room.” (6) And further that “While some audience members were deeply hurt, even frightened, by the protest, in this specific circumstance there were no direct threats of imminent violence that would have justified police intervention, specifically arrest and removal from the area.”(7)  

The SFSU report found that while disruptive of the Mayor’s talk, the protest posed no safety risks and was focused on the mayor because of his racist policies, and not the attending students for their Jewish identity.

The lawsuit falsely accuses Prof. Abdulhadi of anti-Semitism and of having links with terrorist organizations; the entire College of Ethnic Studies (COES) is targeted in repeated statements throughout the lawsuit; and SFSU is portrayed as “the most anti-Semitic campus in the nation.” Furthermore, the lawsuit slanders the historic 1968 strike, which led to the creation of COES, as the beginning of an anti-Semitic culture at SFSU. These outrageous and insulting accusations demand a clear, strong and immediate response to vindicate the academic reputations of the faculty at SFSU and to repudiate the racism implicit in them.  

Yet, instead of citing the results of SFSU's own investigations and reassuring the campus community and the public at large that the allegations in the lawsuit are false, President Wong's statement erroneously conceded that the disruption of the Mayor Barkat event was an “ugly reminder” that “anti-Semitism … is real and our community has work to do.” (8)To be perfectly clear, there was nothing anti-Semitic in the protest that was entirely directed against certain policies promoted and implement by Mayor Barkat.

The conflation of criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism has become a standard tactic by Zionist organizations, which seek to censor criticism of the Israeli state.(9) That tactic itself is fundamentally anti-Semitic because it associates with Jewishness an unending list of well-documented racist policies and crimes against humanity committed by the state of Israel, and it ignores the many Jews who actively oppose those crimes. Far from the worthy goal of fighting real anti-Semitism, this lawsuit serves the propaganda aims of the government of Israel, at the expense of academic freedom and the constitutionally protected rights of California residents.

Public universities have a special responsibility to protect academic freedom and freedom of speech. Academic freedom allows professors to conduct and disseminate scholarly research, to design courses and teach students in the areas of their expertise, and to enjoy First Amendment protections for extramural speech. These are essential activities for any institution calling itself a university.

We strongly urge you, President Wong to uphold and defend the academic freedom of Professor Rabab Abdulhadi and all faculty members at San Francisco State University, and to publicly stand against false accusations by outside organizations with racist agendas. We demand that you:

1) Refuse to settle this lawsuit conceding any of the slanderous attacks to the San Francisco State faculty and students,  and conduct a vigorous and principled legal defense against this complaint;

2) Publicly and unambiguously defend the academic freedom and the intellectual reputation of our colleague Prof. Abdulhadi, by making a public statement that clears her name of the vicious and absolutely unfounded smear attacks against her, and by doing so to protect the intellectual integrity of SFSU;

3) Publicly, clearly and unambiguously express your moral and financial support for the AMED Studies program and the College of Ethnic Studies at SFSU, and defend their fundamental role in the SFSU educational mission;

We await an urgent response to support our colleague,

Faculty and community allies in defense of Academic Freedom, Ethnic Studies and against Islamophobia


Resources and References:

(1) You can find here a brief summary of the series of intimidations, harassment and bullying from the Amcha Initiative defamation campaign in 2016 to the Horowitz Freedom Center Posters which appeared on campus on October 2016 and May 2017.
(2) You can find the lawsuit here:
(3) Here is one example:
(9) One useful resource on the dangers and lack of legal basis re the conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel


Signatories of Petition

Faculty in the United States:

Ahlam Muhtaseb, Professor, Communication Studies, California State University, San Bernardino

Cynthia Franklin, Professor, Department of English, University of Hawai’i

Sherna Berger Gluck, Director emerita, Oral History Program, Department of History, California State University, Long Beach

César Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, PACE, San Francisco State University

Felix Kury, Latinx Studies, San Francisco State University

Laila Farah, Associate Professor, Depaul University, WGS Dept.

Simona Sharoni, Gender & Women's Studies, SUNY Plattsburgh

Ann Robertson, Lecturer, Philosophy Department, San Francisco State University

Christopher Stone, Associate Professor of Arabic, Hunter College (CUNY)

Sarah Schulman, Distinguished Professor, City University of New York, College of Staten Island

Judith E. Tucker, Professor, Department of History, Georgetown University

David Klein, Professor of Mathematics, California State University Northridge

Chandni Desai, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Illinois at Chicago

Suad Joseph, Professor of Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, University of California, Davis

Dr. Hatem Bazian, University of California Berkeley and Zaytuna College

Jodi Melamed, Associate Professor of English, Marquette University

Huma Dar, Lecturer, Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University, University of California Berkeley

David Lloyd, Department of English, University of California, Riverside

Sang Kil, Associate Professor, Justice Studies, San Jose State University

Dennis Kortheuer, Emeritus, History, Cal State University Long Beach
Vida Samiian, Professor of Linguistics, California State University, Fresno

Howard Winant, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Helene Moglen, Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz

Kevin Anderson, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Heike Schotten, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston

William Smaldone, Professor of History, Willamette University

Flagg Miller, Professor of Religious Studies, UC Davis

Naima Shalhoub, AMED, San Francisco State University

Margaret W Ferguson, Distinguished professor of English, UC Davis

Nubar Hovsepian, Department of Political Science, Chapman University

Sharon Utakis, Professor, English Department, Bronx Community College, CUNY

Dr. Stewart M. Robinson, Emeritus Assoc Prof of Mathematics, Cleveland State University

Dusan Bjelic, University of Southern Maine, Criminology, Professor

Johnny E. William, Professor of Sociology, Trinity College

Ammiel Alcalay, Queens College, Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures; The Graduate Center, CUNY, PhD Program in English

Jennifer Kelly, Department of Communication, University of California San Diego

Alice Rothchild, MD, Assistant Professor Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Faculty of Medicine Harvard University, retired

Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

Ghada Talhami, D. K. Pearsons Professor of Politics, emerita, Lake Forest College

J. Kehaulani Kauanui, Professor of American Studies and Anthropology, Wesleyan University

Anton Shammas, Prof. of Comparative Literature and Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan

Rajini Srikanth, Professor, English, University of Massachusetts Boston

James Quesada, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University

Nancy Gallagher, Department of Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Barbara

Alan Wald, Collegiate Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

Alessandro De Giorgi, Associate Professor, Department of Justice Studies, San Jose State University

Jonathan K. Osorio, Professor of Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa

Candace Fujikane, Associate Professor, English Department, University of Hawaiʻi

William Ayers, Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

Ivan Huber, Prof. Emeritus, Biology, Dept. Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., Madison, NJ

May Seikaly,  Department of Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Near Eastern Studies), Wayne State University

Neferti Tadiar, Professor of Women’s Studies, Barnard College

Yvonne Haddad, Professor of the History of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Georgetown University

Ismail Poonawala, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department, UCLA

Houri Berberian, Professor, History, University of California, Irvine

Emad Hamdeh, Modern Languages and Literatures, Montclair State University

Khaled Abou El Fadl, UCLA School of Law

Rosalind Petchesky, Hunter College & the Graduate Center, CUNY

John Rieder, Professor, English Dept., University of Hawaii at Manoa

Barbara Aswad, Professor Emerita, Anthropology, Wayne State University

Craig Reinarman, Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Zayn Kassam, Professor, Religious Studies, Pomona College

Rev. James L. Swarts, Instructor, Dept. of History, SUNY Geneseo

Stephen Roddy, Professor, Modern & Classical Languages, University of San Francisco

Sondra Hale, Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Ellen Ross, Professor of History and Women’s Studies, Ramapo College of NJ

David G. Embrick, University of Connecticut: Associate Professor of Sociology

Dan Berger, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell

Manzar Foroohar, History Professor, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Rupal Oza, Women and Gender Studies, Hunter College, CUNY

Susan Slyomovics, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, UCLA

William Messing, Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

Lara Deeb, Professor, Anthropology, Scripps College

Gail Hershatter, Distinguished Professor of History, UC Santa Cruz

Martha Lincoln, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University

Gillian Hart, Professor Emerita Geography, University of California, Berkeley

Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

Jonathan Buchsbaum, Professor, Media Studies, Queens College, City University of New York

Eric Cheyfitz, Professor, Department of English, Cornell

Premilla Nadasen, Barnard College, History Department

Dwight Reynolds, Department of Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Mahmood Ibrahim, History Dept. Cal Poly Pomona

Rafael Flores, San Francisco State University: Lecturer, Cinema

Adam Miyashiro, Assistant Professor, Literature, Stockton University

Aaron Hostetter, Rutgers University-Camden, Associate Professor, Dept of English

Jean O'Brien, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of History, University of Minnesota

Aziz Choudry, Associate Professor, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University

Charles Post, Sociology Ph.D. Program Graduate Center-CUNY

Sarah Schulman, Distinguished Professor, City University of New York College of Staten Island

Christopher Isett, Dept of History, University of Minnesota

Craig Willse, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies, George Mason University

Anne-Marie Debbané, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, San Diego State University

Bob Ross, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Point Park University

Dana Cloud, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University

Mohammad Alam, Northeastern University, Professor, Economics

Elizabeth Wood, Professor of Sociology, Nassau Community College

John L. Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

Rochelle Davis, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Georgetown University

Lawrence Davidson, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of History, West Chester University

David Fields, Instructor, Salt Lake Community College, Department of Sociology

Alice L. Laffey, Associate Professor, Emerita; Dept. of Religious Studies; college of the Holy Cross

Julie Peteet, Prof of Anthropology, University of Louisville

Rosaliew G. Riegle, Professor emerita in English, Saginaw Valley State University

Steve Macek, Professor of Communication, North Central College

Alvaro Jarrin, Sociology and Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross

Junaid Rana, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Charles E. Butterworth, Emeritus Professor, Department of Government & Politics, University of Maryland

Jeffrey Sacks, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, UC, Riverside

Ellen Fleischmann, Professor of History, University of Dayton, Ohio

Brian Goldfarb, Associate Professor of Communication, University of California, San Diego

Nina Bermean, Columbia University, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Journalism

Benedict Stork, Instructor of Film Studies, Seattle University

Anne Valk,, Dept. of History, Williams College

Matt Huber, Associate Professor, Dept of Geography, Syracuse University

Ronald Grele, Oral History, retired/Columbia University

Victoria Poletto, Senior Lecturer Emerita, Italian, Smith College

Hadia Mubarak, Lecturer, Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Héctor Reyes, Retired Assoc. Prof., Physical Science, Harold Washington College

Imad Ahmad, American University: Adjunct Professor, Physics

Maria Cotera, American Culture and Women's Studies, University of Michigan

Laurie Goldsmith, Ph.D., San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

Ricardo Gomes, Professor, SFSU, School of Design

Dr. John Dwyer, Florida Gulf Coast University, Department of Science and Humanities, Adjunct Prof. of Environmental Humanities

Jonathan AC Brown, Alwaleed bin Talal Chair of Islamic Civilization, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Judith Stevenson, Emerita, CSU Long Beach

Sherene Razack, Gender Studies, UCLA

Rush Rehm, Professor, Classics and Theater, Stanford University

Gerry Hale, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, UCLA

Fatima El-Tayeb, Professor, Department of Literature, UC San Diego

Sherry Vatter, Emerita, History, CSU Long Beach

Setsu Shigematsu, Associate Professor, Media and Cultural Studies, University of California, Riverside

Ananya Dasgupta, History, Case Western Reserve

Daniel Egan, Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Marty Roth, Professor emeritus, English Department, University of Minnesota

Jean Beaman, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Purdue University

Dr. Cheryl Riggs, Professor Emeritus, History Dept., California State University San Bernardino

William I. Robinson, Department of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

June Zaccone, Assoc. Prof. [Emerita] of Economics, Hofstra University

Jonathan Buchsbaum, Professor, Media Studies, Queens College, City University of New York

Gary Okihiro, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Laura E. Lyons, Professor of English, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Dennis Childs, University of California, San Diego: Associate Professor, African American Literature

Colin Dayan, Professor of English, Vanderbilt University

Robert Warrior, Professor, American Studies and English, University of Kansas

DR. Varsha Basheer, Affiliated Faculty , IRDP , University of California Berkeley

David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford University

Mohammed Bamyeh, Professor, Sociology, University of Pittsburgh

Marilyn Hacker, Professor Emerita, French, CUNY Graduate Center

Neil Hertz, Professor of Humanities & English, Johns Hopkins University

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Ethnic Studies, California State University East Bay

Amy Kaplan, Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

Steven Botticelli, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychology, NYU

Miguel Levy, Professor, Physics, Michigan Tech

Judy Greenspan, United Teachers of Richmond/CTA

Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Research Associate & Policy Director, Center for World Indigenous Studies

Alistair Welchman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Classics, University of Texas at San Antonio

Brinkley Messick, Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University

Ece Algan, California State University, San Bernardino

Laura Tanenbaum, Associate Professor, English, LaGuardia Community College/City University of NY

Merrill Cole, Professor of English, Western Illinois University

Claudio Fogu, Associate Professor, French and Italian Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Martin Melkonian, Professor of Economics, Hofstra University

Dorrie Mazzone, Social Science, Diablo Valley College

Michael McIntyre, Assoc Prof & Chair, International Studies, DePaul Univ

Sherene Seikaly, Associate Professor, History, UCSB

Hanna Alshaikh, University of Chicago

Lisa Rofel, Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Edward J. McCaughan, San Francisco State University

Eleanor Roffman, Professor Emerita, Lesley University

Clyde Lelnd, School of Law, Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco

Terry Kleeman, Professor, Religious Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Doug Kiel, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Northwestern University

Peter Bohmer, Political Economy, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

Brooke Lober, Visiting Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, Sonoma State University

Lorraine Malcoe, Associate Professor, Zilber School of Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Levi Thompson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Pembroke Center, Brown University,

Juana Celia Djelal, Senior Lecturer in Humanities; Dept. of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Pennsylvania State University,

Abdul Cader Asmal MD PhD, Retired, Ass Prof Medicine, Harvard University

Jason W. Moore, Associate Professor, Sociology, Binghamton University

Blanca Missé, Modern Languages and Literatures, San Francisco State University

Nefertiti Takla, Manhattan College

Irum Shiekh, University of Oregon

Kerwin Kaye, Wesleyan University, Sociology
Ashley Aaron, Lecturer, Africana Studies, San Francisco State University

Alex Lubin, University of New Mexico

Christopher R. Cox, PhD Candidate and Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Washington,

Ted Swedenburg, Professor of Anthropology, University of Arkansas

Christa Salamandra, Professor of Anthropology, Lehman College, CUNY

Rebecca Romani, Adjunct, Media Studies, Palomar College/TFM San Diego State University

Paola Bacchetta, UC Berkeley

Andras Lorincz, Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Purdue University

Lisa Rofel, University of California, Santa Cruz

Max Shue, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, College of Western Idaho

MInoo MOallem, UC Berkeley

Ted Stolze, Philosophy Department, Cerritos College, AFT, Local 6215

Nan Withington, Santa Barbara City College, professor of English (ret.)

Ruth E. Kastner, Research Associate, Dept. of Philosophy, UMCP

Nancy Welch, Professor of English, University of Vermont, UVM United Academics AAUP-AFT

Margaret Langer, University of the Pacific, Emeriti faculty

George Salem, Associate professor, Biokinesiology, University Southern California

Nancy Stoller, Professor Emerita, University of California, Santa Cruz

Jennifer  Loewenstein, Pennsylvania State University, Senior Lecturer, departments of English & Middle Eastern Studies

Ismail Poonawala, Near Eastern Languages, UCLA

Jessica Blatt, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair, Department of Politics and Human Rights, Marymount Manhattan College

Sherrie Tucker, Professor, American Studies, University of Kansas

Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Distinguished Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, Syracuse University

Suzanne Bergeron, University of Michigan Dearborn

Jasbir K Puar, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Rutgers University

Cecile Pineda, San Diego State emerita; SFSU masters degree, National Writers' Union

Noah De Lissovoy, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies in Education, University of Texas at Austin

Richard Burt, Professor of English, University of Florida

Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Professor Emeritus, College of Natural Resources,  University of California at Berkeley

Naser Alsharif, Naser Alsharif

Sean Malloy, Associate Professor of History, UC Merced

Carolyn Karcher, Professor Emerita, Department of English, Temple University

Aneil Rallin, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Soka University of America

Dennis Bricker, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa

S. Shankar, Professor, English, University of Hawai`i

Parama Roy, Professor of English, UC Davis

Bishnupriya Ghosh, Professor, Department of English, UC Santa Barbara

Steven Marsh, Associate professor, Hispanic and Italian Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Michael Levin, Adjunct Faculty, Music Department, Columbia College Chicago

Professor Graham MacPhee, West Chester University

Huma Ibrahim

Fawzia Afzal-Khan, English, and Gender, Sexuakity and Women's Studies Montclair State University

Margaretha Haughwout, Assistant Professor of Digital Art, Art and Art History, Colgate University

Faculty Internationally:

Gilbert Achcar, SOAS, University of London

Ferial Ghazoul, The American University in Cairo

Wilson Jacob, Associate Professor, History, Concordia

Hanan Sabea, American University in Cairo, Anthropology

Terri Ginsberg, Assistant Professor of Film, Department of the Arts, The American University in Cairo

Shahrzad Mojab, University of Toronto

Vincent Romani, Université du Québec à Montréal

M Muskens , Social Studies University of Nijmegen the Netherlands

Cecilia Sardenberg, Professora Titular de Antropologia, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

Nahla Abdo, Professor, Department of Sociology, Carleton University/Canada

Jonathan Rosenhead, Emeritus Professor of Operational Research, Department of Management, London School of Economics

Masaki Sakiyama, Professor, College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University

Emma Jean Kelly, Stout Centre for New Zealand Studies

Eiji Nagasawa, Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo

Max Weiss, Associate Professor, History/Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Richard Jackson, University of Otago, New Zealand

Agustin Velloso, Lecturer, Dr, History of Education, UNED
Ahmed Abbes, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, Paris, France

Elise Chenier, Professor, History, Simon Fraser University

Suroopa Mukherjee, Associate Prof, Delhi University, India

Adrienne Hurley, Associate Professor, East Asian Studies, McGill University

Tom Hickey, Principal Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Brighton, UK

Rosemary Sayigh, Visiting Lecturer, Center for Arab and Middle East Studies, American University of Beirut

Richard Seaford, Professor of Ancient Greek, Department of Classics, University of Exeter

Dr Les Levidow, Open University, Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) UK

Mike Cushman, Guest Teacher, LSE Department of Management, Universities and Colleges Union, UK

Cliff Jones, Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool, UK

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Hebrew University- Jerusalem

Salim Vally, Associate Professor, University of Johannesburg

Ben Rogaly

Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, Université Paris Diderot

Jean-Pierre Bouché, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (retired)

Nur Masalha, Professor, SOAS, University of London

Kamel Behidji, University of Oran Algeria

Hatem Zaag, Senior CNRS Researcher, University Paris 13

Nicola Pratt, Associate Professor, politics and international studies, university of Warwick

Craig Jones,  Newcastle University

Joseph Oesterlé, Emeritus professor in Mathematics, University Paris 6

Keiko Sakai, Director, Institute for Relational Studies on Global Crises, Chiba University

James Dickins, Prof. of Arabic, Dept. of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds

Laleh Khalili, Professor of Middle East Politics, SOAS, University of London

Herman De Ley, Ghent University (Belgium)

Michelle Hartman, Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University

Bertrand Badie, Sciences Po Paris

Ronit Lentin, Sociology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Mona Baker, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester

Mr Sephai Mngqolo, McGregor Museum, Living History

Miren Llona, Tenure Professor Historia Contemporánea, Departamento de Historia Contemporánea, Universidad del País Vasco/Basque Country University

Raoul J. Granqvist, Professor, Umeå University

Carol Bathgate,

Ghada Karmi, Research Fellow, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter University, UK

Federico Zanettin, Associate professor, Department of political science, University of Perugia

Peter Collins, St Mary's University College Belfast, N.Ireland

David Szanton, CISA, Visiting Prof U of Witwatersrand

James Pidgeon, University of Limerick, Education (retired)

Moshe Machover

Joanna Bornat, Emeritus Professor, The Open University, UK

Ur Shlonsky, Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva

Dror WARSCHAWSKI, Chercheur, CNRS, Paris, France

Dr. Anne de Jong, University of Amsterdam, anthropology department

Colin Imber, Retired, Middle Eastern Studies, Manchester

Antonio Montenegro, History Department - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - Brasil

John Donohue, St Joseph University

Kevin A Gould, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University

Mustafa Abu Sway, Prof. / Integral Chair for the Study of Imam Al-Ghazali's works at Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds University, Jerusalem

Catherine Goldstein, Research Director, Mathematics, CNRS

Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Professor, Department of Philosophy, York University, Toronto

Genevieve Rail, Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University

Christopher Burns-Cox, Retd Medicine Bristol Uni UK

Adrienne Hurley, Associate Professor, East Asian Studies, McGill University

Carrie Hamilton, Reader in History, Department of Humanities University of Roehampton, London

Salwa El-Awa, Swansea University

Eid, Paul, Professor, Sociology, Université du Québec à Montréal

Rami Morjan, Chemistry Department- Islamic University of Gaza

Josiane Olff-Nathan, Université de Strasbourg, retired

John Hillis, Petra University

Abby Lippman, Professor Emerita, McGill University, al Quebec; uv

Yves Winter, Assistant Professor of Political Science, McGill University

Rachel Berger, Associate Professor, History, Concordia University,

Dr. Susan Blackwell, Lecturer, Dept of Language, Literature and Communication, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

George Paizis, UCU [UK]

Guimaraes Neto, Regina B, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Departamento de História, professora doutora.

Rachel Berger, Associate Professor, History, Concordia University,

Alain Mille, Université Lyon1, Computer Sciences

Jacob Katriel, Professor of Chemistry, emeritus, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Claude JAMET, Université Lyon 2 (retraité)

Colette Jamet-Roussillat, France

Richard Hudson, UCL, London

Diana M.A. Relke, Professor Emerita, University of Saskatchewan

David Hill, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Calgary

Sarah Gartland, Lecturer, Media, Culture and Language, University of Roehampton, London

Andrew Lugg, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, University of Ottawa

Judith Weiss, Professor Emerita of Hispanic Studies, Mount Allison University

Saeed Abuzour, Manchester Met University

Dee Reynolds, University of Manchester, French Studies

Dalia Mostafa, Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Manchester

Bill Skidmore, Instructor, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University

Ruth Gamberg, Associate Professor, Education, Dalhousie University (retired)

Louay Safi, Professor, Public Policy, HBKU

Ken Collier, MSW, PhD, Athabasca University (retired), Arts and Integrated Studies

Diana Allan, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, McGill University

Leonardo Schiocchet

Rafael Oliveira, PPGA - UFPR - Universidade Federal do Paraná

FERRAN IZQUIERDO, Political Sciences and Sociology - Professor / Public Law / Autonomous University of Barcelona

Marc Jacquemain, Full Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Liege

Michael Seguin, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Universite de Montreal

Hagit Borer, Queen Mary University of London
Richard Kuper, Long-retired from Univ of Hertfordshire

Lisa Stampnitzky, Lecturer, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Clint Le Bruyns, Dr, Director: Theology and Development Programme, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Anaïs Salamon, Head, Islamic Studies Library, McGill University

Paul Starkey, Emeritus Professor, Department of Arabic, Durham University

Gerry Kearns, Professor, Geography, Maynooth University Ireland

Lana Dee Povitz, Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Oral history and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University

Mazen Masri, Senior Lecturer, The City Law School, City University of London

Corinna Mullin, Research Associate, London Middle East Institute

Omar Ramahi, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

Robert Austin, Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

Shannon Walsh, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Anthony Ashbolt, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong

Walid Kazziha, Professor, department of political science, American University in Cairo

Bernard Caillaud, Associate Chair, Paris School of Economics


Saliem Shehadeh, San Francisco State University- AMED and Anthropology

Ines Diot

Eduardo Rosas

Dan Cione, NYC SJP

Candace Graff

Miyako Martinez

Merry Maisel

Marissa Dadgari

Ramsey Dahab

Rafael Moreno

Mazin Khalil

Rana Sharif

Wogai Mohmand

Jane Matchak

Nate George

Connor Gadek

Ryan Bince

Hassan Maarfi Poor

Furkan bayraktar, University of central florida

Marcie pashapour

Suraya Khan

Louis Gauthier-Desmeules

Paula Thompson, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Mogannam, PhD Candidate, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego

Lori Puopolo
Hazem Jamjoum, New York University
Zeena Aljawad
Noah Black
Esha Momeni
Maria C. Gonzalez

Tom Maendle

Raja Abdulhaq

Mina Wardak

Ilaria Giglioli

Gabriela Chaparro (Gab Chaag)

Zainab Ramahi

Savannah Kilner, UCLA Gender Studies

Pamela Palmer, 1980 Alumna in American Studies

Jamie Rogers, University of California, Irvine, Ph.D Candidate, UAW 2865

Romuald Kai Santiago

Kolby Knight


Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union, local 100 (ret.)

Susie Day, UAW 2110

Dianne Feeley, UAW Local 22

Michael Rubin, Alameda Labor Council

Willian Breihan, United Steelworkers District 2 retired

Alborz Ghandehari, UAW 2865 (UC San Diego PhD Student, TA)

Bill Leumer, Former president, International Association Machinists Local 565

Peter Solenberger, UAW Local 1981 (NWU)

Stephen Mahood, UAW

Michael Letwin, Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325; Co-Convener, Labor for Palestine

Beezer de Martelly, UAW 2865

Judith S. Wraight, UAW 600

Esther Farmer, Teamsters local 237

Tibby Brooks, National Writers Union Local 2110 UAW

Ofer Neiman,
Marie Lynam, GMB Trade Union UK


Mindy Gershon, 1199SEIU, retiree

Marcel Duhaime, UQAM, AREQ

Ghislaine Fleury, UDM, AREQ

Barry Sheppard, International Association of Machinists (retired)

Martha Roth, National Writers Union-UAW

Conor Tomás Reed , Professional Staff Congress/City University of New York

Mai Zeidani

Paul Bissember, UFRE

Sarah Kardash, Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3433

Linda Ray, SEIU 1021

PEROCHON Eric, Lorraine (France), Retraité SUD Solidaires

Christoph Glanz, GEW Oldenburg Germany (in private capacity)

Mark glass, Plumbers and Fitters local 393 San Jose Ca

mehdi husaini, Teesside University UCU, University & College Union UK

Michael Kaufman, CWA Local 37083

Martha Roth, National Writers Union-UAW

Sabrina Sebti, Union Syndicale Solidaires

Richard Mellor, Afscme Local 444, AFL-CIO retired

Viviana Ramírez, NSW Teachers Federation

Alison Denning, California Teachers Association

Debra Stoleroff, NEA

Mehdi Husaini, Teesside University, UCU University College Union UK


Claude Marks, Freedom Archives

Kristian Bailey

Donna Willmott, MPH

Russell Ward

Laura Whitehorn

Diana Block

Chris Toensing

Emory Douglas

Natasha Dar

Estee Chandler

Tova Fry

Charlotte Kates

Waziyatawin, PhD

Mohammad Abbas

David Finkel, AGAINST THE CURRENT magazine

Allen Menegay

Kenneth Todd

Rachel Lee

Carol Sanders

Michael Friedman

James Lauderdale

Ronald Warren

Alex podrizki

Adam Horowitz

Dayne Goodwin

Karen Platt

Cindy Shamban

Sunny Lim

Michael Yoshii

Linda Tigani

Kim Hunter

Sam Friedman

Siamak Vossoughi

Joan Goddard

Catherine Stafford

Carol K.Smith, Civil rights attorney

Victoria Larson

Susanna Martin

Karin Pally

Kevin OConnor

Colleen Jankovic

Samuel Vidal

Mary Buchwald

Allen Rios

Marla Erlien

Yolanda Guerra

Khalid S Barghouti

Suheir Michael

Liz Elkind

Ellen Brotsky

Josephine Ong

Susan Bramhall

David Polden

john smartt

Mohommad Agha

Anna Berg
Ken Baker
Sandra Turner MD
Ellen Isaacs, MD
Sandra Korn
Adam Patten
John Pullis
kobi snitz
Elena Stein
Karen Armstrong
Ahmad Nadim
Carla Power
Mahboob Mahmood
Lana Lockhart
David Bragin
Denise Rickles
Dr Shaida Nabi
Amna Afreen
Evelyne Reberg
Jodi Miller
Karen Ishizuka
Roziah Abdul Wahab
Emilio Dabed
Ehab Lotayef
Taher Herzallah
Mohammed Nabulsi
Mark Lehnhoff (a graduate of the CA State University System, i.e. SJSU '82)
Brenda medina
Maisa Morrar
Elizabeth Block
Michael Rodriguez
Lesley Levy
Alexandra Leumer
Carl Rosenberg
Eid Masri
Djamila HANAFI
Mira Khazzam
Daina Green
Francine Shakir
Terry Greenberg
Barry Saks
Ida Henderson
Scott Weinsgein
Freda Guttman
Josnne Wiedman
Celeste Holmes
Dan Maitland
Miguel Heredia
Eva Sharell
Sandra Lindberg
Cheryl Gaster, LL.B., C. Med
Susan Medak
Anna Henry
Helga Mankovitz
Ahmad Maki
Andrea Salinas
Charlie Hinton
Robert Roth
Eve Hershcopf
Rabbi David Mivasair
Annette Lengyel
Huda Ghaibeh
Khaldun Bshara
Richard Anstett
Debbie Hubbard
Josina Manu
Ron Jacobs
Theodore Hexter
Donna Jeffrey
Tahera Mamdani
Alfonso Ruiz
Jo Ann Teter
Martha Duenas Baum
André Le Corre
Judy Rohrer
Sam Stoker
Hamdiya Cooks-ABdullah
C. Butler
David Spero
David L. Mandel
Elliot Helman
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
Susan Stout
Nathaniel Moore
Marie Lloyd
Terry Collins

Amani Barakat

Firas Jaber

Dr. Manal Fakhoury, Fakhoury Leadership International

Sydney Levy

Annie Banks

Harvey  Bender

Phylece Snyder

Debra Ellis, MS, Counseling and Human Systems, Florida State University

Lacey Johnson

Cindy Newman

Wendy LaRiviere

Jacqueline Husary

Duraid Musleh

Louis Solari

Kelly Lough

George de Stefano

Lara Bitar

Bryan Saario DDS MD

Steven Hall, Local 896

Chris Gorman

Bryant Schoenick

George Hudes

Lauren Holtzman

Anthony Lombardy

Scott Blance

Patsy Lowe

Corey E. Olsen

Suha Malhi

Hilda Massoud

Janice Briggs

Marsha Vander Heyden

Nora Lester Murad

Michael-David Sasson

Richard J. Sklader, V.R.C.

Mark Kleiman

Andrew T Freeman

Glenda Rubin

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