Survey safety & community feeling
The crisis knocked us all out. Slowly we have settled in, but everything remains uncertain - right in the middle of our company foundation. We want to make the best of it and use the digital possibilities to reach out to you! We very much appreciate every single minute you spend for us!

And it is really a quick one - with only five minutes of your time to answer this survey*, you will help us enormously! MANY THANKS! <3

Do you know the feeling of shock? That you feel paralyzed and unable to act because of fear? Maybe because you are watching a crime, being mobbed, or being followed on the street? Or maybe you've been the victim of a robbery or experienced violence within the family? Or maybe you have already been confronted with completely different situations that suddenly made you afraid, or you know people who have ever felt this way?

By answering the following survey we want to find out more about your personal safety feeling compared to your sense of freedom and to what extent our product innovation meets your needs.

We are still in the middle of our product development and want to develop it as close to your needs as possible. If this topic is exciting for you and you would like to join us on our way to our first product, please register here: We look forward to any exchange!

Many thanks!
Susana from Not Just A Jewel

*Your answers are and remain anonymous and are used only for internal analysis.
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