POOCH Housing Application
This application, along with a possible interview and room availability, will be used by current members to make a determination on your placement within one of the three POOCH cooperatives. There are no wrong answers. It's key that we get to know you, so please elaborate and be as informative (and creative!) as possible.
Please click the link below to see our lease approval policy. All applicants must meet the guidelines in order to be considered for an interview.

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What is your name and pronouns? *
How did you hear about the co-ops? If you were reffered by a current or former resident please include their name *
What is your phone number and email address and how would you like to be contacted? *
The interview process can take 2-4 weeks. With this in mind when would you like to move in? *
Are you bringing any pets with you *
What is your current living situation and what about it are you seeking to change by moving into the co-ops? *
Do you have any special needs you would like to make us aware of? *
What contribution to the co-ops are you most excited to share? *
What would you like to learn from your time in the co-ops? *
The three houses have comparable but slightly different rent rates. Ad Astra Cooperative is $520-$563, Olive House is $443.75, and Sunflower House is $420-$550. Would you be able to live comfortably while paying these amounts? *
POOCH has recently expanded our bulk food program to purchase groceries together. This is an included monthly cost of $90 (Ad Astra), $20 (Olive House), $50 (Sunflower House).

It is required at Sunflower House. It is not required at Ad Astra or Olive House, but is a wonderful way to cooperate and save money!

Would you be interested in joining this food program?
The social and financial benefits of a co-op require an extra time investment. Will you be able to commit approximately 4 hours a week towards a weekly house meeting and to help clean/maintain the house? Explain. *
Share a passion of yours with us! We'd love to get to know more about your talents and interests. Please include it here, email it to us, bring it to your interview, or provide a link to a social media platform of yours. *
Which houses are you interested in? *
References: Please list the name, phone number, and beginning and ending dates of 2 past roommates, if applicable, and your most recent landlord. If you do not have previous roommates or a landlord, two character references and one professional reference are okay too! *
Reference 1:
Reference 2:
Landlord/Professional Reference: *
Emergency Contact (won't be called for a reference) *
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