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Hello Prospective Just For Kidz Team members!

Just For Kidz is a youth-run national 501c3 non-profit organization on a mission to support underserved and marginalized youth through grassroots service and advocacy while inspiring youth empowerment, activism, and community engagement. While there are many youth-run organizations, our approach is unique in the way that we partner with local underserved community children's organizations such as orphanages, schools, and shelter homes from here and various parts of the world and work and collaborate with them to facilitate long-term, impactful change for the children. We have completed international children's rights projects in India and Haiti, and we are currently working on building a secondary school classroom (8th-12th) for Good Hope Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. Beyond this, we just launched our first ever program, or a domestic long-term project that addresses certain local children's rights issues, called Stack the Snacks TM, that attempts to build in-classroom breakfast food pantries in elementary schools across the country that serve youth from predominately low-income families and who may be facing food insecurity. Our hope is to expand this into a year-round program that includes components such as nutrition education, health and food insecurity awareness, and community engagement in food justice concerns. You can learn more about Just For Kidz on our website: www.jfkorg.org, and our Facebook and Instagram @jfkorg.

With all the amazing work ahead of us, our far-stretching goals for the next year, and changes in our current youth leadership, we are looking to expand our team by quite a large margin. We are recruiting students to serve on our national remote Executive Team with brilliant and motivated young people from New York to California. All applicants are required to fill out this form, submit their resumes, and submit any additional materials, if applicable. If you are uploading any additional materials, please include all of your documents in the same Google Drive folder. ***Please make sure the share setting is "Anyone with link can view".*** If you have any questions, feel free to email us at meghana@jfkorg.org and sumair@jfkorg.org.

***Read thoroughly***
Make sure to read about each of the positions and the responsibilities each position entails.

Here are the positions and basic job descriptions:

1) Director of Technology: Oversight and maintenance of all technology and web-based systems, including but not limited to the website and other online applications and forums including but not limited to MailChimp, Slack, GoDaddy, GoogleDrive, and TechSoup. **Proficiency in HTML coding and web development is required.**

2) Director of Operations: Oversight of all functioning and day-to-day operations of the organization and regularly updating of Executive Director; Serving the Executive Director in whatever capacity needed; Regular attendance of and participation in Board of Director Meetings; Communication with all team members of the organization to gain relevant updates on projects, insights on potential changes to the organization and assure that all team members are wholly completing their tasks; Overseeing St. Louis chapter and ensuring the chapter continues to thrive and runs efficiently. **Residency in St. Louis is required.**

3) Director of Events and Services: Complete planning and execution of our planned annual event on the nearest weekend to November 20th (Children’s Day); working with the Director of Advocacy and Awareness in the planning and execution of campaigns and the Youth Leadership Conference; planning and execution of any and all major national events with the goal of improved efficiency, effectiveness, and reach with each year; Oversight and management of all service events, including coordinating volunteers, transportation, and other logistics. **Residency in St. Louis is required.**

4) Director of Programs: Oversight, management, implementation, and spread of our Stack the Snacks program, a program aimed at address child food insecurity and work with regional chapters in sustaining and introducing these programs in our two current locations St. Louis and Ithaca with the goal of efficiency and expansion to new locations; Delegation of tasks necessary for any program to respective Executive team members; Creation of and regular maintenance of a Stack the Snacks Program Tool-Kit, highlighting the purpose and function of the program, sample grant proposals and budgets, and guidance on methods of effective implementation, and creation of similar tool-kits with the formation of new programs. **Knowledge and interest in child food insecurity, hunger, program development and management is strongly preferred. Residency in St. Louis required.**

5) Director of Public Relations: Work with the other Director of Public Relations to create and promote our brand through regular management of our social media, blogs, and effectively communicating our mission and work towards expanding our reach, followership and audience. **Proficiency in Canva and/or Photoshop required. Interest and proficiency in media, marketing, and writing preferred.**

6) Development Associate: Assist the Director of Development in all efforts of managing our fundraising efforts, including the maintenance and improvement of donor relations, researching for and writing grant applications and emails to new sponsors/donors/corporations, and using Excel and Mailchimp to manage existing donor profiles.

7) Public Relations and Graphic Design Associate: Assist the Directors of Public Relations in all efforts of managing public relations, including writing blog posts, managing various aspects of our social media, drafting and posting on social media, creating graphics/images/logos, and work to efficiently and effectively communicate our mission and work towards expanding our reach, followership, and audience. **Proficiency in media, marketing and writing and/or Canva and Photoshop preferred.**

Thank you so much for your interest! We look forward to your applications! If you have any questions, as stated, please reach out to our Director of Operations, Sumair Bhimani at sumair@jfkorg.org.

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