Volunteer in Fire or EMS
Please contact the Emergency Management department at
(585) 344-0078 or ems@co.genesee.ny.us with any questions
you may have regarding volunteering opportunities.
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Volunteer Descriptions
INTERIOR FIREFIGHTER: duties include entering burning buildings, searching for victims, and fighting fires.
Rescue Operations: remove injured individuals from motor vehicles, machinery, and farm equipment; and search for/rescue lost or injured individuals in land, water, or a collapsed building.
Hazardous Materials Operations: identify and initiate the management of hazardous-materials spills or releases.

EXTERIOR FIREFIGHTER: provide equipment and support for interior firefighters, such as placing ladders and advancing hoses. Exterior firefighters do not enter burning buildings.
Equipment/Vehicle/Pump Operator: drive department vehicles to incidents, operate fire pump/engine on-scene, and/or drive water tankers to locations without hydrants.
Emergency Medical Services: provide emergency medical evaluation and treatment, including life-saving measures, to injured or sick individuals (includes Certified First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians).
Traffic Control: provide safe control of traffic at incident scenes, coordinating with law enforcement.

ADMINISTRATION: provide administrative support in such areas as building and equipment maintenance, health inspections, human resources, insurance, and tax filings.

SOCIAL MEMBER: engage in the social or fund-raising operations of a fire department.
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