South East Asia Survey Congress 2019 Young Professionals Poster Competition
- 1st: Free student/YP registration for Locate20
- 2nd: $150 Westfields gift voucher
= 3rd: $100 Westfields gift voucher

Entry requirements:
1 A3 poster (colour or black and white) that fit the theme and the judging requirements (see below) submitted in digital format (preferred pdf) to and accompanied by this entry form.

Entries close Friday 9 August 2019 at 11:59pm ACST.

Theme: “My Story: How I came to be here”
How did you end up in the spatial/surveying industry? To highlight the depth and breadth of people in our industry, we would love to hear about your personal journey to where you are right now. What steps have you taken to get here? What have been your biggest inspirations and motivators? What do you love about your job? From timelines of your studies and career to photos of your childhood and family, maps of your travels, and experiences in the context of entering the spatial profession, we're interested in hearing what your journey is, no matter where you are.

Posters will be on display at the South East Asian Survey Congress 2019, with preliminary judging by local primary school, high school and University students as well as conference attendees, and final judging by a panel of young professionals from the SSSI National Young Professionals Committee.

- Innovative communication and storytelling through words, maps or images
- Clarity of overall message
- Ability to be accessible by industry professionals, people not in the spatial/surveying field, and people of all ages
- Ability to showcase the strength and diversity of in the industry
- Poster must be accompanied by an Entry Form

By submitting this form, I understand that entries may be used by Interrelate for promotional purposes without acknowledgement or prior consultation.

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