Noche Panamericana Form
*Noche Panamericana will take place on a 40 x 40 platform stage in Bridge Hall. Please plan your entry accordingly.

Guidelines for entries:

*Completed entry form

* link of performance audition included on this Google Form.

* Maximum duration of entry: 3 minutes 30 seconds

* If selected, a high-quality CD recording of music to be performed must be mailed to the Program Director:

Clemente Del Campo,
Program Director

400 E. 18th Street

Weslaco, TX  78596

Cell Phone: 956-453-0106


*** School dress codes will be enforced. Risqué costumes will not be allowed; final approval will come from Program Director.

**** Notification of Noche Panamericana acceptance will come from the Program Director by the Published deadline on the calendar of events.

***** PASF reserves the right to withdraw any entries deemed inappropriate or that have been changed from initial submission.

***** If any changes need to be made to your number, resubmission of this form is required.
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Include exact time from the start of the music to the end. Music must be on ONE CONTINUOUS CD. E. List of cues for curtain, lighting and sound. (e.g. spotlight (1) full lighting, dim lighting, etc.) Keep cues simple as only one rehearsal is possible. Example: Cue 1: Full stage lighting Cue 2: Open curtain Cue 3: Start music Cue 4: Spotlight on dancing couple as crowd gathers around them Cue 5: Black out as dancers freeze at the end of dance. Cue 6: Close curtains *
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Give background information on the type of music or dance and its significance.
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