Moline Creative mini-grant application
In order to support the community during this disorienting, scary, life-disrupting time of self-isolation, Moline Creative is offering mini-grants to not-for-profit organizations until April 30, 2020. These grants are intended to support organizations that have urgent strategy / problem solving / organizational needs and could not otherwise afford Moline Creative Services.

The service that is offered through this mini-grant program is one free 1.5-hour face-to-face ONLINE meeting hosted by Moline Creative (via Zoom). Approximately the first 15 minutes of each meeting will be dedicated to getting oriented to the online meeting environment and outlining the goals for our time together.

The thing that makes Moline Creative meetings special is the visual tools that I bring to the table. Sometimes that means hooking up my iPad with a blank page on which I can draw notes of our conversation (a.k.a. graphic recording). Other times it may mean that we use the iPad page to develop a visual organizer for the problem that you are thinking through (a.k.a. visual thinking). For longer meetings, I also have predesigned templates that I can share with the group via email so each meeting participant can think through an idea on their own and then share their insights with the group (a.k.a. visual facilitation).

You may either fill out this form or just email your answers to me at angie (at) moline creative. com . I will get back to you to schedule a time for our meeting.

- Angie

Participants may dial in via phone or connect to the web meeting with (or without) a web cam.
You may choose to have the meeting recorded or not.
Any visuals that we generate during the meeting will be shared with your team organizer.
What your name and are you the primary contact person?
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What is your not-for-profit organization?
If you are a for-profit organization seeking Moline Creative services, please send me an email directly at angie (at)
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Briefly, what does your organization do?
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What one thing would you like to take away from a 1-1/2 hour Moline Creative online meeting?
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Based on what you read above, do you think you'll want to have a visual thinking session (where I help you organize your ideas) or a conversation that is accompanied by visual notes?
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What else do I need to know about this group, your goals, or this specific meeting?
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