Collegiate Academy of Colorado Admissions Application
Please read the following information carefully before submitting this Admissions Application:

1. An approved Jeffco Choice Enrollment application shall be valid for attendance at the school for the remainder of the level that the school serves - elementary, middle, or high school.

2. Students who wish to return to their neighborhood school or to enroll in a different school must submit a Jeffco Choice Enrollment Form or Administrative Transfer Request following timelines for these applications.

3. All Jeffco Choice Enrolled high school students must comply with all CHSAA requirements and bylaws. A student who transfers from School A to School B without a bona fide family move will be eligible for varsity competition in the first 50 percent of the maximum regular season contests allowed in any sport in which the student was a participant in the last twelve months. Other factors may also influence athletic eligibility.

4. Transportation is not provided for Jeffco Choice Enrollment transfers.

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*By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the conditions of admission to Collegiate Academy of Colorado as defined in the school Pride Book and the Jefferson County Code of Conduct.
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Parent/Guardian agrees to support their student as they:
* Strive to reflect each of our CORE Values both at school and at home (Integrity, Perseverance, Quality, and Ownership)
* Comply with the Collegiate Academy Pride Book (found at
* Comply with the Jefferson County Conduct Codes (found at
* Adhere to the Collegiate Academy Dress Code (found at
Parent/Guardian agrees to:
* Support their student and CAC staff in homework and behavior accountability
* Pay Annual School Fees and any Fines accrued. (Free and Reduced Lunch and Fee Application at
* Provide transportation to and from school every day and on time
* Check academic progress weekly on the Jeffco Campus Portal
* Participate with teachers in bi-annual student-led conferences
* Contribute 40 volunteer hours per family, donate the equivalent supplies, or pay cash and log contributions online
- Physical donations may be to the classroom, school, or events and convert to hours at the rate of $10=1 hour
- Volunteer hours may be met in the classroom, at special events, assisting outside the classroom, or through
participation on the Foundation, School Improvement Team, or the Board of Directors and opportunities are posted in
the FYI newsletter weekly, through classroom newsletters, and on the board in the Elementary lobby.
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