6th AKJ Tournament (March 2020)
Alakajam! is preparing a little gaming competition played on jam entries. Submit your game to (hopefully) be among the 6 games we'll play!
The Tournament
Check the tournament we ran last time to get a better idea on how this works:

Games: https://alakajam.com/3rd-akj-tournament/tournament-games
Final results: https://alakajam.com/3rd-akj-tournament/tournament-leaderboard
Game requirements
If you'd like us to compete on your game:

- It should have a page on Alakajam.com, with the "High scores" option enabled to let player submit scores with proof screenshots.
- Ideally, the game should be available in the browser, or both Windows and Linux.

It's okay if the game wasn't made during an Alakajam event. Use your personal dashboard ("User menu > My entries") to create a game page for any jam entry you made.

If you have questions: contact(at)alakajam(dot)com / @AlakajamBang
URL of the game(s) on Alakajam! *
Contact info (email or Twitter) *
We'll only use that if we need you to make adjustments to the game page before the event.
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