Honors ELA Application for Fall 2023 (Incoming 6th Grade and Incoming New to Dunstan 7th/8th Grade)
All students who apply for Honors ELA will be required to complete a short-constructed response (SCR) based on a reading passage.  Current 5th grade students will complete this writing at Dunstan on their designated day.
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What is your current CONTENT grade in ELA? *
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Why do  you want to be considered for Honors ELA?  Please answer in several sentences.  Please include your strengths and what you are willing to do to be successful if you are selected for the honors class. *
What is your best piece of work from ELA this year?  Please explain why you feel this is your best work.  You may be asked to provide this work to support your application. *
By completing this application, I state my belief that I am a strong candidate and would like to be considered for honors criteria for the 2023-2024 school year.  (PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME HERE) *
By signing this application (typing your full name), I state that I am a 5th grade student and filled out this application, including the short answer question, on my own and in my own words. *
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