North Monroe Business District
The form below is used to collect membership information for the NMBD and accurate details for the online business directory on the NMBD website. Dues for 2019 Membership are $100, which can be paid via PayPal here: Thank you for supporting the strengthening of our district!
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Are you interested in collaborating with other businesses on joint promotions?
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Are you interested in resources for improving your property or business (such as membership event speaker or discounted services)?
Ideas for Our District
Do you have specific ideas on how to make our district stronger, and would you be interested in sharing them?
Meeting Times
NMBD meetings alternate between board meetings and membership meetings, though members are welcome to attend both. Currently, board meetings take place on the second Tuesday morning of the month, while member meetings are often Monday evenings. As we try to accommodate the diverse schedules of our members, please list your meeting preferences below (e.g., mornings, after 5pm, Mondays, weekends).
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Social Media
Is your business on social media? If so, please tell us below where to find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
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