THE CANONBURY SOCIETY SURVEY II Canonbury West Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) after one year
This survey is open to Canonbury residents. Please pass on the link to anyone in Canonbury who might be interested in completing it. Please DO NOT do the survey if you live outside Canonbury. The deadline for responses is 15 December 2021. Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and the published results will not include your name or any details which might identify you.
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House or flat number
Street name
Now the Canonbury West LTN scheme has been operating for one year would you say you were:
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If you chose ‘Pro, but with some amendents’, what amendments would you like to see? (Exemptions would rely on ANPR technology recognising number plates as cars drive through the traffic filters, if you choose 'Other' please provide details.)
The next set of questions ask your views on how Islington Council has devised, implemented and evaluated the LTNs.
I feel the consultation stage via the People Friendly Streets website was:
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I feel the 'Canonbury West people-friendly streets trial interim report' published by the Council (see link to the full report on our website) is:
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I am confident that the Council will take the views of residents and business owners into account when deciding on the future of the Canonbury West LTN:
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If necessary, please use the box below for further comments on how Islington Council has devised, implemented and evaluated the LTNs:
Before the introduction of the Canonbury West LTN, was passing traffic often a nuisance in your road?
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If yes, any particular times? What sort of nuisance (eg: noise, safety, pollution)
Have the new traffic restrictions made things:
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Please indicate if you have had serious difficulties with any of the following since the Canonbury West LTN was introduced:
If you ticked any of the above boxes please give details below, including the time of day when delays have occurred, estimates of extra time/mileage involved and where holdups are most common.
If you are a cyclist, do you feel that the LTN has encouraged you to cycle more (leave blank if you do not cycle)?
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Has the West Canonbury LTN encouraged you to walk more?
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If you are a car owner, have you found that the Canonbury West LTN has lead to you using your car less in the last three months?
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Please let us have any further comments on the Canonbury West low traffic neighbourhood scheme.
Would you like to become a member of the Canonbury Society?
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If yes, please supply your email address and we will contact you.
For our records, it would be very useful if members could confirm their preferred email address for receiving updates and invites from The Canonbury Society.
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