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Your testimony is powerful! And the most effective way to deliver your story is through a three-point approach. This outline will ensure your personal testimony is communicated in the most powerful manner. So do take some time to craft your answers below!
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BEFORE: Tell us what your life was like before you surrendered to Christ. What were you searching for before coming to know Christ? What was the key problem, emotion, situation, or attitude you were dealing with? What motivated you? What were your actions? How did you try to satisfy your inner needs? (Examples of inner needs are loneliness, fear of death, insecurity. Possible ways to fill those needs include work, money, drugs, relationships, sports, sex.) *
HOW: How were you converted? Tell the events and circumstances that caused you to consider Christ as the solution to your searching. Take time to identify the steps that brought you to the point of trusting Christ. Where were you? What was happening at that time? What people or problems influenced your decision? *
SINCE: How has your life in Christ made a difference? How has his forgiveness impacted you? How have your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions changed? Share how Christ is meeting your needs and what a relationship with him means to you now. *
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