VTRADE is designed to be an easy to use yet secured and rich-featured trading platform, making it accessible for anyone to get started. We pay attention to significant demands and incorporating rich functionalities into our platform to bring trading with cryptocurrencies to a new level of relevance.
Take full advantage of this rare opportunity by investing in VTRD and be part of our digital revolution.


JOIN : 100 VTRD = $5
PARTICIPATE : 50 VTRD = $2.50 (per message)
• No spam or foul language against other members or about the project.
• Remains in the group for the entire duration of the Bounty Campaign.

Twitter @VTRADEExchange

JOIN : 100 VTRD = $5
RETWEET : 100 VTRD = $5 (per retweet)
Account must have at least 50 followers
• Account must be a Public Profile
• Comments must be constructive and at least 30 characters in length. Spam posts will not be counted.

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• Bounty rewards will be distributed among all campaign participants after the coin sale has ended
• Due to jurisdiction constraints, persons from restricted countries are not eligible to participate in this bounty program.
• Bounty reports should be submitted according to the timelines specified for each campaign
• Participants will be disqualified from the campaign for using multiple accounts
• Fake views, secondary accounts, copied articles and videos will lead to disqualification
• Anything completed on behalf of the Bounty Campaign should not be undo (unfollowed), removed, modified or deleted
once submitted
• VTRADE reserves the right to make amendments to the bounty program at any time
• VTRADE reserves the right to remove stakes/participants from the bounty for any reason such as unethical behavior
and fraudulent submissions
• For any questions related to VTRADE Bounty Campaign you can contact us via
e-mail: support@vtrade.io

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