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Hi there! Here's where we get to know a little more about you, your location and veggie preferences. We'll get in touch with you once you've filled and submitted this form, and guide you through the subscription process. Happy filling!
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Your full name please.
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Your contact number (ideally a mobile phone number).
Have you already filled up this form before (for Veggies)?
If yes, you will be taken to the fruit section. If no, you'll have to fill in the entire form. If you want to redo your preferences, select No, and drop us a line to let us know separately.
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Delivery Address *
The address at which you want your box(es) to be delivered. AKA the address the driver will circle three times while you watch in bemusement.
Gmaps Link to Delivery Address
Googlemaps link to your address (to minimise confusion at delivery time). Things will still get lost in the beginning. We apologise profusely.
Size of Household
Kitne aadmi they
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Choose your plan *
Please select the plan you would like to opt for (multiple selections are permissible). Boxes are sized for the number of people set out below. Manchildren we are not so sure about.
Monthly spend on vegetables and fruit
Kitne paise they
Do you actively buy organic products
There are dozens of us. DOZENS.
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Vegetables you would like to see in your basket
This is the list of all vegetables we can possibly grow. We will use the vegetables selected here to make our production plans. Arugula lovers this is your moment. IMPORTANT: Please do not think of this like an ordering form.
Vegetables you hate :(
Select veggies here that you would not want supplied ever. We will never supply you these. Y u h8 vegis tho??? IMPORTANT: Yes, we have already taken down what you like. Please also fill up this list - it's probably more important than the earlier one.
Vegetables you can't find
Veggies you love but can't find in the market. We will try to source seeds and grow them for you because you're awesome and you deserve it.
Preferred Delivery Day *
Day on which you would prefer to receive delivery (we English good). Please do note that your preferred day may have to be shifted around to simplify delivery logistics.
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