Haunted Library Virtual Escape Room
Welcome to our Bayne Library Haunted Virtual Escape Room!

You can complete this escape room as a group or as an individual. You can compete against your friends by timing yourselves to see who can escape the fastest, and even try to escape again and again. We hope you have fun virtually exploring Bayne Library!

If you are accessing this through a social media app, we recommend opening this escape room in a separate web browser so you don't lose your progress along the way. Be careful to only use the back and next buttons within this program to move throughout the escape room.

This escape experience was created by Mrs. Linda, a staff member of Andrew Bayne Memorial Library. To learn more about Andrew Bayne Memorial Library located in Bellevue, Pennsylvania find and follow us on Facebook and visit our web page! www.facebook.com/baynelibrary https://baynelibrary.org

Images: Photographs by Bayne Library staff or found through Google Forms Image Search.
Text messages: ifaketextmessages.com

If you are brave enough to accept this escape challenge and enter our haunted library, click next below to begin!
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