Board of Directors: Questionnaire for Nominees
The Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS) is always grateful for recommendations for our volunteer Board of Directors. You may nominate yourself or someone else using the form below. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis; new Board members are elected annually.

The ERAFANS Board of Directors works together to advance ERAFANS’ mission of providing meaningful nature-based training for early childhood educators, child care providers, and administrators. The Board collaborates in small committees and as a full Board to support the vision and mission of ERAFANS. We seek candidates who will bring wisdom, effectiveness, candor, creative thinking, and a genuine love of nature-based education to the Board. You can visit to learn more about the current Board of Directors and board member responsibilities.

In choosing among nominees to develop the election slate, the Governance Committee considers candidates’ backgrounds and experiences based on responses to the following questions. Feel free to elaborate on any other attributes you believe the Governance Committee should consider. You may also choose to attach your resume and any online sources that highlight your experience.

You can expect to hear more about the status of your nomination within one week of submission; we initiate new board members each June.
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2. What specific skills and experience will you bring to the organization? Consider the following: thought leadership in the field of nature-based education, strategic planning, financial acumen, operational leadership, volunteer experiences, employment, fundraising, and/or contributions to ERAFANS programs. *
3. What Board Committees or initiatives are you most interested working on? *
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