Mystery Monday: New Hampshire History
Are you a Super Sleuth, A Sleuth, A Sidekick or an Amateur? Play to find out.

Today's task: Enjoy a splash of New Hampshire History ranging from the early 1600 to 1800 via the New Hampshire Historical Society archives.

Here's how to play:

Step 1: Locate the Timeline at the New Hampshire Historical Society Website:

Step 2: Utilize the dates and questions provided to explore the timeline and answer the questions.

Step 3: Hit submit to receive your Sleuth Level badge.

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Circa 1642, what was Darby Field's big accomplishment?
In 1776, New Hampshire wrote what important document and why was it considered important?
In 1792, Jeremy Belknap published what important work?
In 1672, the White Mountains were described in a pamphlet called "Rarities Discovered" by John Josselyn. Where was that pamphlet printed?
What did The Crown claim from NH woodlands in 1708 and what were they used for?
What was John Keniston's crime in 1717? Was justice served?
In 1719, who settled Nutfield and where was Nutfield located?
In 1740, what did six slaves from Dover and Portsmouth do in the pursuit of their freedom?
In 1682, what was Lithobolia and what havoc did it, purportedly, wreak?
What year was New Hampshire's first subscription library formed?
Who was Ona Judge? When did she live? And what boat did she board?
Navigate to the NHHS catalog and search "Mystery." What NH mysteries do you find?
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