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Please rank your choices for electives in order of preference from 1-4 with 1 being the most desired elective. Understand, you may not get your top choices but we will try our best to accommodate you.
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4th Choice
6th - 8th Girl's Athletics
6th - 8th Boy's Atheletics
Academic Achievement *(assigned)
6th Band - Woodwinds/Percussion or
6th Band - Brass
7th Band
8th-12th Band
7th - 8th Career & Tech. Ed
7th - 8th Music Composition
6th Grade Character Education
Computer Applications - 6th
Computer Applications - 7th
Computer Applications - 8th
6th - 8th Health & Archery
7th-8th Life Skills
6th - 8th Performing Arts (drama, vocals, etc.)
7th & 8th American Sign Lang.
8th Spanish I (HS Credit)
6th - 8th STEAM (Sci, Tech., Eng., Art, Math)
8th Grade Vocational Agriculture
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