Florence Mayberry Baha'i School, April 26th-28th 2019
We are so excited about the location of the Florence Mayberry Baha'i School for 2019! We are going to Lake Doniphan Conference and Retreat Center located near Excelsior Springs, Missouri, close to the border of Missouri and Kansas.
This is an entirely NEW type of location for us to hold our school. Please take a look at the housing options and complete the survey at the end. We want to hear from you about the housing option(s) that might work best for your family.


- We just want to get an idea of the housing people may choose
- We have moved the time to later in year with warmer weather ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒบ
- We chose a location that has inside and outside meeting space
- Yes, your teacher or facilitator may hold a class or session outside :)
- We can enjoy a campfire complete with smores and music
- There are multiple housing options to choose from ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Address: 12856 Doniphan Lake Rd, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Phone: (816) 630-1523
Website: http://lakedoniphan.com

Multiple Housing Options
We can now offer people multiple housing options! Just select the one that best fits the needs of your family or group. Some of the housing options include meals in the cost, and some do NOT. Please see all options and details below.
Main Lodge
Cost for the Weekend:
$170 (per person ages 13+)
$110 for children (per person ages 5-12)
*Children 4 and under are free
*Additional $30 charge if room is occupied by only one individual

This option is most similar to a hotel option. For those that want all the basic amenities of a hotel, this is for YOU. The Main Lodge features 33 bedrooms, each with two double or two queen beds and a private bath. These rooms are fully furnished and carpeted, with bed and bath linens supplied. The dining room is just a short walk down the hallway from any bedroom and all meals are included. The main lodge is also the location for our devotions and the starting point for all adult sessions. To be closest to the heart of the school and all the activity, youโ€™ll want to join us at the Main Lodge.

Mini-Lodges (Jr Youth/Youth and Family Mini-Lodge Options)
Cost for the weekend:
$140 (per person ages 13+)
$110 (per person ages 5-12)
*Children 4 and under are free

Lake Doniphan boasts two Mini-Lodges as a less expensive option with bedding and meals included. Each sleeping room contains four bunk beds, a private three-piece bath, a second private shower room, and an additional two sinks with vanity. (Bed and bath linens supplied.) A gathering room is the heart of these smaller lodges, with cedar walls, vaulted ceiling, stone fireplace, kitchenette, and two-story windows overlooking the upper lake. All meals are included with the cost of the Mini-Lodge accomodations.

The designated Jr Youth/Youth mini-lodge will be exclusive to our youth and junior youth (ages 11-18) for the ultimate animated experience. The youth and junior youth lodge contains divided sides connected with a main common room and will be separated by gender on each side, with adults and/or older youth serving as chaperones and counselors.

The second mini-lodge will be for families or same gendered small groups, and also contains a community space and has the same setup as the Mini-Lodge for the Youth and Jr Youth. If you prefer this lodging option and are looking for roommates, we can assist you.

Cost for the Weekend:
$100 per cabin (sleeps 4) (*meals NOT included)
*Meals separate charge per meal (breakfast = $6.50, lunch = $8.50, dinner = $10.50) - all ages except under 5 free.
*Meal cost for the entire weekend: $51 per person

The 19 rustic cabins offer a simple, yet cozy environment suitable for families or small groups. Each cabin sleeps four, outfitted with two bunk beds. The cabins are great for capturing the feeling of outdoor camping in warm weather, but with the comfort of a window air conditioner. The public restrooms and shower facilities are conveniently located nearby, just a short walk away. Cabin guests provide their own bedding and towels. Meals at the Main Lodge are available at an additional cost and can be selected as a full meal package or as individual meal selections.

RV Spots
Cost for the Weekend:
$50 per spot (*meals NOT included)
*Meals separate charge per meal (breakfast = $6.50, lunch = $8.50, dinner = $10.50) - all ages except under 5 free.
*Meal cost for the entire weekend: $51 per person

For those that have access to their own campers and RVs and would like an opportunity to add to their season, Lake Doniphan offers 20 spots for those who bring their lodging with them (Campers, trailers, RVโ€™s, etc.). All spots contain hookups for water and electricity. Meals served in the Main Lodge are available for an additional charge and can be selected individually to suit your needs.

Primitive Camping
Cost for the Weekend:
$30 per spot (*meals NOT included)
*Meals separate charge per meal (breakfast = $6.50, lunch = $8.50, dinner = $10.50) - all ages except under 5 free.
*Meal cost for the entire weekend: $51 per person

If tent camping is more your style, we offer a secluded, off the beaten path area that is tucked away from the rest of the camp. Lake Doniphan does not supply camping equipment. Bathhouses are also a more significant walk, but are accessible from the camping area. Meals at the Main Lodge are still also available for purchased with this option. For those looking to reconnect with nature and join the school at an all time affordable price, the tent camping option canโ€™t be beat!

Thank you!
Thank you for reviewing the housing options available for the Florence Mayberry Baha'i School 2019! Please complete this survey below to help us in our ongoing planning meetings for the school.

This does NOT serve as your registration for the school. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which housing option works best for your family?
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