Relay Coffee Roasters + McMaster University
Hello! This is a questionnaire pertaining to a marketing project being conducted by a group of business students at McMaster University. The objective is to discover consumers’ behavior and the motivations behind choosing a coffee shop. It is greatly appreciated if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey! All data collected will be kept confidential and used only for academic purposes. Thank you!
1. What age group do you belong to? *
2. How often do you visit a coffee shop? *
3. Who do you usually go with when visiting a coffee shop? *
4. Do you usually go to the same or a variety of different coffee shops? *
5. Which factor matters most to you for choosing which coffee shop to go to? *
6. How do you usually find coffee shops? *
7. In the last week, which coffee shop did you visit? *
8. From the above question, what makes you go to your most visited coffee shop?
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9. The purpose of going to Relay?
10. How did you find Relay?
11. Are there any changes you wish to see at Relay?
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