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BELLE DU JOUR Airbrushed flawless, illuminated bridal makeup
'Be a Beautiful Bride' naturally by Sharol Tyra MUA
Welcome! THANK YOU for you interest in makeup services with Life Illumination Image. Our partnering is important and you will discover your enhanced “look” for your wedding, engagement, boudoir, or special occasion. I am hired as a Makeup Artist (MUA) and Image Consultant.

Our mission at Life Illumination Image is to help people look and feel their best naturally!! It is essential and fun maximizing your influence & your image from inside out!

20% of Image service profit donated to Rivers of Hope, non-profit, to end family violence, Buffalo, MN

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- About MUA Sharol
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About Sharol
Highly skilled mobile makeup artist for Weddings and all Special Occasions. You will receive Preview and Day of: Skin care, Makeup application, customized Educational tips and pampering! Sharol Tyra easily connects with her prospective clients and she listens to what is most important to you for your special day. With the care of a nurse and creativity of an experienced MUA, you'll co-create your exact desired look!

Whether you chose AIRBRUSHING (Perfect Canvas long-wear, AirFlow device) -or- TRADITIONAL (Ultra HD camera ready) foundation - you will be delighted with your prestige products and gorgeous look all day and night!

Sharol feels inspired when her glamorous clients exclaim, “That’s it, I love my ___________ (complexion, eyes, lips, glow …!).” They also express, “How did you do that?!”

Sharol Tyra, Makeup Artist MUA) is a versatile business professional with over 30 years experience in all aspects of business and over 10 years in the beauty industry. She enjoys revitalizing skin care and masterfully creating signature beauty looks with makeup artistry! Her top strengths include excellent customer service skills, glamorous artistry, effective organizational skills, and quick learner. Sharol is an effective team member with exceptional interpersonal skills. Trainings/Interactive Labs:

- Lancôme ProTeam - Makeup Artist, Beauty Advisor, and Fragrance Model, on-going trainings, 2016
- Clinique Clinical Consultant - Beauty Advisor, 2016
- Temptu Airbrushing, on-going trainings, 2015
- MUFE, on-going trainings, 2014
- Makeup Artist Pros 1:1 customized & on-going trainings, 2005
- Bobbi Brown Basics course & textbook, 1999
- Avon Representative,1976

On a personal note, biking gives Sharol a oneness with nature and a sense of freedom. Hydro-training and cycling are just pure fun with upbeat music with friends. Sharol and her family lineage love traveling and she is known as “Globetrotter Sharol."

VIXEN Glow, faux lashes
by Sharol Tyra, MUA l Photography by Studio 120
List of Services
On-site: Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Twin Cities Suburbs, Saint Cloud.
Traveling beyond metro to nationally surcharge applies (contact me with request) 

* Bridal package:  2 appointments of AIRBRUSHING, full makeup application with correctors, primers, faux lashes,
and setting spray, customized educational tips, and pampering (schedule pre-appointment now to at least 2 weeks
prior to wedding and day-of wedding on-site). Receive a new client gift of appreciation.

* Day-of event:  Skin care facial, Airbrushing or Traditional foundation, full Makeup application with correctors, primers,
faux lashes, and setting spray, and pampering!.
Bonus: Educational tips (lessons customized with your features, desired beauty look and product use).
Wedding, Special occasions, Photo sitting, Gala, Prom, Halloween and more.

* Your "Signature Look”  -  series of 3 appointments. Makeup Artistry 1:1 includes:  Skin care facial, Makeup applications, Educational tips (lessons customized with your features, array of beauty looks and product use), pampering and bonus of Your makeup bag – receive product recommendations. Enhance your image, appearance and presence.

* Small group makeup application appointments (assemble a group of 3-6 friends for fun and best value)

* Skin care  -  for Men, Women, and Teens

by Sharol Tyra, MUA
AUDACIOUS AMOUR Airbrushed Mother ... masterful eye makeup
AUDACIOUS AMOUR 'Night Out On The Town'
Flawless by Sharol Tyra, BSN, PCC, MUA
ENIGMA Airbrushed gorgeous
by Sharol Tyra, BSN, MUA  #wedding #makeup artist, #makeup, #mascara
VIXEN Airbrushed Mother ... masterful eye makeup
BELLE DU JOUR Makeup Lessons, Gown shopping, & Makeup shopping for Cosmetic case for Pageant
Pageant makeup by Sharol Tyra MUA
CLASSIC PARISIENNE Airbrushed Bride, Before & After Glow
Beautiful Bride naturally by Sharol Tyra, BSN, MUA
VIXEN Bridal Party Airbrushed ravishing
by Sharol Tyra, BSN, PCC, MUA
BELLE DU JOUR precious pose
by Sharol Tyra, BSN, MUA
L'ENCHANTRESS LOOK Airbrushed with dramatic eye
by Sharol Tyra, BSN, MUA
ENIGMA Airbrushed gorgeous bride
by Sharol Tyra MUA
ENIGMA Airbrushed gorgeous bride
#Airbrushing #brides #makeup by Sharol Tyra MUA
CLASSIC PARISIENNE Makeup Lesson series for Pageant & Professional image
Makeup by Sharol Tyra MUA
VIXEN Airbrushing for everyday natural look. Nude lip. Before & After
#happy After (left & lower) - Before (upper right) l MUA Sharol Tyra
Glow softly by Sharol Tyra, MUA
JOIE DE VIVRE Lashes for 'Night on the Town'
Lancome foundation stick, Individual False Lashes, Sharol Tyra, MUA, Life Illumination
by Sharol Tyra, MUA of Life Illumination Coaching & Image
ENIGMA Airbrushed Beautiful Bride
#Airbrushing #brides #makeup by Sharol Tyra MUA, Life Illumination Image
Correct Hyper-pigmentation to Flawless foundation finish
by Sharol Tyra, MUA
CLASSIC PARISIENNE business to COQUETTE occasion After Images. Before UR
by Sharol Tyra, MUA
BELLE DU JOUR Glow softly
Glow softly by Sharol Tyra, MUA
LA MUSE Airbrushed - Lifted Up, Winged-out hooded eye
by Sharol Tyra, MUA  on 3/16/2017
AUDACIOUS AMOUR Glamorous Night Out. Before & After
by Sharol Tyra, MUA  beautiful and sultry
BELLE DU JOUR Bride Airbrushed, illuminated beauty. Before & After
'Be a Beautiful Bride' naturally of Sharol's Makeup Artistry
Makeup accents your beauty that already exists!
Loving Family
Wedding, Special Occasion, and Prom with Sharol's gorgeous artistry - Airbrushing or Traditional foundation
by Sharol Tyra, MUA of Life Illumination Coaching & Image
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