angLES - Call for Editors
The European Liberal Education Students Journal angLES is looking for dedicated editors to join its editorial board for the second issue.

As an editor, you will experience the process of publishing an academic students Journal first hand while working with an international group of students on interes ting academic texts. Apart from the experience you gain, it will also look great on your CV.

- Be a former or current student in a Liberal Education/ Liberal Arts and Science programm in Europe
- Be interested in editing academic texts and working with people
- Be reliable and responsive to emails/messages

What you will do:
- select articles for publication
- be responsible for 1 or 2 papers for which you will coordinate the paper's author(s) and peer-reviewer(s)
- give meaningful feedback to authors
- stay in touch with other editors

Please keep in mind that this position is on a voluntary basis.

Find out more on our Website:

Applications are open until the 15th of April.
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