[ENGLISH] African Census of Isolated Population
Do you know any population with genetic problems?

INaGeMP, National Institute of Populational Medical Genetics, is a Brazilian research group dedicated to the study of Populational Medical Genetics (www.inagemp.bio.br). In 2009 it has established a census of Brazilian communities with high frequence of genetic disorders. We register also populations exposed to risk factors for congenital anomalies. By risk factors we mean, for example, the ingestion of medical drugs (thalidomide) or the exposition to environmental factors (mercury contamination). A high rate of prevalence of consanguinity can also increase the risk of development of genetic diseases.

It’s the first step to specialized research and guidelines for medical attention to these diseaes, offering technical and methodological support to the geneticists and to the affected communities.

We are now creating a similar census for the African continent. In this first step of the census INaGeMP is interested in any “rumour” or informations about populational groups you find interesting to register.

If you know more than one affected population, fill this form for each one of them.

We appreciate your interest and participation!

Afro-Rumor Group
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