Space Engineers survey
Hello Engineers! As you know, your feedback is very valuable for us. This time we have created a small survey where we ask you some general questions about yourselves and also how you play Space Engineers. Please take part in the survey and help us improve the game!
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Which mode do you play the most? *
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What type of creations do you like to build in the game? *
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If you play multiplayer, how many people usually join the server? *
Do you play on public or private servers? *
What servers do you use? *
Which Survival realism setting do you use? (most often) *
Are you using mods in your game? *
How many mods do you use? *
What kinds of mods do you usually use? (check all that apply)
Is it difficult for you to keep up with new updates? *
Do you find tutorial videos useful? *
How did you find out about Space Engineers (check all that apply)? *
What made you buy Space Engineers (check all that apply)? *
What is your in-game sound option? *
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