Beginnings of Contemporary Piracy Open Call for artists
Concept behind the project:
“Piracy today develops in many sectors of human activity, in which it constitutes more and more
as creative rebellion or social habit. It is practiced by a growing number of individuals, often in reaction to rules perceived as unjust, in contrast to social and geopolitical limitations, tackling universal issues in connection to human rights. Those common sense perspectives in need of a reminder, manifesting as counter action. Contemporary pirates is the new aspect we offer with PiMu, reforging the meaning of piracy in a joined vision with art, devoted to stimulate and inspire those necessary changes. With exquisite visual sensibility the collection is reflecting acts of honour and bravery under the pirate flag. A stateless global movement, decentralised and community oriented."

We believe that culture should be free and accessible.
We wish to inspire and stimulate participation out of passion.
If you find yourself comfortable with our statement you are probably the pirate we are looking for.
Our call does not have an entry-fee.

What it is about:
We are working on subjects related to piracy on multiple levels.
The artwork subjects selected for PiMu exhibition are representing those individuals that are labeled as pirates after their accomplishments. Famous an infamous that intellectually deserve a place in history. Those anti-heroes with an intrinsic message of freedom. Ageless stories in need of consideration. True pirate actions manifesting universal values. The counter alternatives of main-culture.

We are designing the core of the artworks based on true stories, from the beginning of piracy to the contemporary age. We seek to invite more artists that are already working on the subject, and have a research in relation to it.
We are opening this call for those artists willing to give a contribution to the collection inside our tiny museum.
This is a pirate 'competition for collaborations'. nobody can lose, it is a win-win commitment to the project.

WHAT is wanted:
This is no common open call for artists.
We are pirates in all aspects and we wish to trigger your inner contemporary pirate.
If you are an illustrator - we like it. we do prefer a visual artwork A4 size. attached to it, we need also a title and a text in order to elaborate it further with documentations for the museum archive.

We invite you to express yourself. But mind that:
The space inside the museum is limited, and designed to have a chronological interactive timeline connecting the artworks to their piracy history. At this stage of PiMu, we prefer illustrations that can resonate with the present art-works of the artist GIACOARDO. He's the founder of PiMu, the artist who started the core of this project, renovating the boat into a museum; donating the first artworks to the 'interactive pirate's history collection'. (This will be a criteria for the selection)

If you are a writer - send us your research, your pirate's story, also A4 size.
We will put you in contact with an artist of our crew to elaborate your text further in a visual way if needed.
Inside of the museum all artworks are related to a story, a document. The text is used in the storyline for the important narratives of PiMu.

What is accepted and evaluated:
All the pirate's artworks able to enhance the Pirate archetype.
If your subject matches one of our artworks in the collection already, you will immediately be notified and invited to change your Pirate story.

Please, come forward with your idea, you can always ask to elaborate further on one of our subjects already connected to a pirate character, story or anecdote. What we are looking for is an inspiring visual artwork able to open the minds in a controversial way.

During the process, a jury of pertinent competence will decide to who the prize will be donated.
Yet, we do accept all the artworks fitting the topic in our archive. And prize one of the artist(s) with 500€.

We want to take in consideration the participation of all the artworks. Nevertheless we give more attention to the local artist coming from the area. The approved artworks will be exposed in our 'Pirate Fanzine' giving anyhow space to your pirate story, due the relation with the pirate subject, the artistic skills, your passion, and the ability to tell a pirate story with images and/or words.

Selection and prize:
- Send your idea before Sunday 31st of October 2021 for check/approval.
- Send your artwork before Sunday 14th of November 2021 for the selection nomination.
- The Selection of pirate artists will be notified on Monday 22nd of November 2021.
- The winner(s) are published the day of the inauguration and prized with a sum up to 500€
- All the selected artists will be published in our Pirate Fanzine.

You can enter in contact with us at anytime -

For the winner - your art work, will be installed inside the museum and will be taking part of the collection permanently.
Your text, will be essential to tell a story to the visitors and to be chronologically set on our timeline installation.
For all the participants - your material will be collected inside a fanzine published along the seasonal program of the museum and will take part to the PiMu archive.

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