Task module 7 ECYC MOOC
This assignment is designed for both the cases of implementation of the Recommendation on Youth Work, and the cases of no implementation of the document. Please complete only the part which fits your reality. Enjoy!
Name *
Please fill in this part only if the Recommendation on Youth Work is implemented in your reality in one way or another. If not the case, scroll down to the next part.
Who is in charge of implementing the Recommendation?
Which is the aim of the implementation? Which are the expected outcomes?
Which is the stage of the implementation?
You can mention how much of the implementation plan is completed so far. please be specific.
Are you involved in the implementation process? If yes, how? If not, how can you get involved?
No implementation
Please fill in this part if there is no implementation of the Recommendation in your reality.
Who would be in charge of implementing the Recommendation?
How do you see the implementation process happening in your reality?
Guiding questions: Which recommendation of the 7 would be the most important to implement in your reality? Which are the stages of the implementations? How do you see yourself involved in the process?
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