Call for Papers: Essays on Asexual History
Asexuality possesses a relatively nonexistent history, which subsequently influences how it is perceived today. Locating asexuality historically endures as a challenging obstacle to analyses of recording asexual history. The Asexual calls upon independent scholars and academics to contribute unique perspectives on this unexplored topic. In assembling a collection of essays from varying valuable perspectives, The Asexual seeks to generate and propel a much-needed dialogue on exploring asexuality historically. Potential topics include a close reading of a historical document, journal, book, etc. that grapples with themes which may engage with asexuality, tracing a historical narrative of those who may be considered asexual, existing under the larger ace umbrella, or intersecting with ace experiences in a particular time period, or analyzing asexuality thematically or within varying theoretical frameworks while focusing on a historical time period or periods. This is not an exhaustive list of potential explorations. For the purposes of this collection, The Asexual is seeking papers that engage with asexual history preceding the mid-2000s.

Working Deadline: September 15th, 2018

Academic essays that engage with the topic of asexual history in a prominent manner. You are encouraged to submit a proposal (50-200 words, 1-3 sources) before sending a full essay, although not required. Proposals can be sent via filling out this Google form.

The deadline listed above (July 31st, 2018) is not final due to the circumstance of which this journal is being produced. Due to the limited focus of this call, The Asexual is aware that there may be a limited number of publishable submissions for inclusion in this special collection.

Submit essays in Microsoft Word format. If you are submitting previously published articles, please state as such in the following form. Papers should be double-spaced (excluding endnotes), with 1-inch left and right margins. Papers should exceed 2,500 words and not exceed 10,000 words (including endnotes). If your paper does not fit within these word counts, please send an inquiry to This special issue will use the notes/bibliography Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition. A quick reference generator can be found here:

If you are having any issues with formatting, please send inquiries for assistance to Formatting should not be an obstacle or deterrent from submitting. Please make The Asexual aware of any issues you are having and they can be worked through together via editing. Incorrect or imperfect formatting will not exclude your essay from final inclusion. The Asexual is far more interested and invested in the overarching idea or concept of the paper and how its argument(s) is/are constructed.

1. You will receive a response to your proposal within 7 days. If you are submitting a full paper without first submitting a proposal, a response will be sent within 30 days. It is recommended that you submit a short proposal preceding submission of a full article, although not required.
2. This collection of academic essays will be compiled into an anthology upon completion and published via The Asexual website for open access as well as in physical form for purchase.
3. Your paper will likely undergo an editing process prior to publication. You have the choice for final approval.
4. All authors included in the final publication will receive a free copy of the anthology in PDF form in lieu of payment.

Link to the CFP on The Asexual website:

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