Soul Alignment Diversity Scholarship Application
This scholarship is offered to encourage and assist people from under-represented groups to join our training program. This is not a scholarship solely based on financial need, rather it is an invitation and incentive to those students who believe that, because of the way they present in the world, they would help to create a more inclusive and safe environment for others. To be eligible, applicants must identify with one of the following categories:

Person of color,
LGBTQ / gender non-conforming,
Person with a disability,
Person presenting atypically,
Under 18/over 70.

Please help us spread the word about this scholarship by forwarding this information to anyone you feel may benefit from knowing about this opportunity.
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We have 50% scholarships available bringing the total to $278 which can be paid either in 1 payment or 3 monthly installments. Please indicate which would work best for you. *
As we are committed to making our programs accessible to those who are sincerely interested yet might need financial assistance due to systemic inequities and/or financial hardships due to Covid-19. Can you please let us know which category(s) is most appropriate for you. *
Please let us know why you are interested in this program along with anything else you would like us to know. *
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