PhD Scientific Days 2019 - TEST
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Prof. Dr. István Antal's questions
The medicinal product should be designed to meet *
The background of Drug Delivery Systems is based on the following pharmacokinetic processes: *
The fast reconstituting sodium hyaluronate gel can be prepared by: *
Prof. Dr. József Tímár's questions
The most frequent oncogenic mutation of melanoma is *
Genetic background of immuntherapy resistance of melanoma *
Metastatic progression of melanoma is promoted by: *
Prof. Dr. Miklós Kellermayer's questions
What is the nanometer? *
Why is it useful to study single molecules? *
Which tool can be used to mechanically manipulate molecules? *
What is a cochleate? *
Prof. Dr. Sarolta Kárpáti's questions
What is wrong? *
What can induce pemphigus? *
Critidia luciliae is used to detect antibodies to *
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