Heroes In Life Awards Gala Nomination Form
The Ontario Heroes In Life Awards Gala is to acknowledge and celebrate police service members and community partners who are championing the progress of mental health and well-being initiatives within their respective Police Service.

Submission Deadline: April 3rd, 2020
Award Selection: Award recipients will be contacted May 1st, 2020
Award Categories:
1. Darius Garda Legacy Award recognizes any uniform or civilian service member or family member who is within the Blue Family who is sharing their story of struggle and perseverance.

2. Leadership Award recognizes Police Service members who serve in a formal leadership role and are committed to making change within the organization. This may include uniform or civilian supervisors, senior officers, executive and command level officers, and civilian managers and directors.

3. Agent of Change Award recognizes Police Service uniform/civilian members who actively strive to normalize the conversations around mental health and to remove the stigma in the workplace.

4. Association Advocacy Award recognizes Police Service Association members who are working to provide their membership with advocacy, resources, supports and champions mental health.

5. Community Partner Award recognizes a community partner dedicated to helping the Police Service or their family members attain the help they need. This may include but not limited to partners such as clinicians, educators, not-profit organizations, religious leaders, chaplains, and educators.

**Police Service member includes both uniform and civilian
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Please describe why the nominee should receive this award. Include initiatives, character traits and other criteria described within the award category that show their dedication to improving mental health awareness within their Service and Blue Family. (500 word limit)
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