DO Try This at Home! - Application
Your home is the stage and your family are the stars of the show in this virtual playmaking program. You'll receive a one-of-a-kind short play inspired by your stories and imagination, written by a professional playwright. The program will culminate in a live-streamed performance of your plays.

This free program seeks a diverse, multigenerational group of 12 families. We invite given and chosen families of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to apply - bring your roommate, your grandma, even your cat into the fun!

Requirements: Our playwrights are excited to meet you and build a customized play just for your team and your space. Like all theatre, though, creating these stories is a collaborative effort, and here's what we'll need from you:

-complete a short family interview with one of our playwrights

-commit to memorizing the short script and doing your own staging at home (we'll send tips for getting

-commit to 1 rehearsal with the program coordinator during the week of September 7-12

-share your performance in our culminating event, a virtual livestream on Saturday, September 12 from 4-6PM!

This application is open through the end of July. Families will be contacted and offered a spot in the program early the following week.
Name of Lead Contact *
Email address for Lead Contact *
Phone number for Lead Contact *
How many people in your family will be participating? *
What are the ages of the participants? *
Is your team available for and committed to our final event on Saturday, September 12 from 4-6PM? *
Does your team have access to ZOOM via a computer or cell phone, and solid wifi? (If wifi or technology are barriers, please describe below. We will do our best to accommodate.) *
What kinds of performance experiences do your family members have (theater, musical performance, dance, etc.)? *
What special skills and talents do y'all have among your team members? (Ex: hula hooping, speaking multiple languages, playing instruments, etc.) *
What characters or dream roles have y'all always wanted to play? *
It's Friday night. What movie are y'all watching? *
What are some of your favorite toys or props to play with? What are some favorite parts of your house? *
If you can, please share a photo of your family with us. You can email the photo to us at Be sure to include your lead contact's name!
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