Talking in Stations Producer
TIS is seeking a someone to be the backbone of the TIS show, assuring we have the right content for the week's episode. Ideally, we want someone that reads the EVE forums, Reddit, and news sites during the week, and also has a variety of in-game contacts for news. Knowing EVE development and patch info is strongly recommended. You need to up on EVE.

The producer will work closely with TIS hosts and show engineer to put the show together - picking topics, arranging guests, and ensuring a quality broadcast. After the show is recorded and edited, Producer will work with Webmaster to post the episode on

Showtime is Sundays at 9 AM Pacific time (16:00 UTC).
If you are a producer and want to work with Talking In Stations show, please fill out all the questions.The more detailed your answers, the better. :)
What EVE character would serve as your main identity for this position?
Tell us a little about yourself and what you would bring from your real life background to this position.
What motivates you to seek this position?
What in-game affiliations have you had, past and present?
How would you find out “what happened in EVE this week?"
Please describe what you admire and what you would change about 'Talking in Stations'.
What forms of Streaming or Social Media do you use?
When would you be available for a voice comms interview?
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