Host an End Gun Violence House Party to Prepare for 2024

WHO WE ARE: End Gun Violence Michigan is a non-partisan coalition of community, faith, and public health organizations working to pass reforms to protect the 1000 Michiganders who are killed by firearms every year. We're working to make sure that our legislature enacts the common sense laws, like universal background checks and safe storage requirements, that are already supported by the vast majority of voters in our state. You can find out more at

BUILDING OUR MOVEMENT: Michiganders already support common sense gun violence legislation. The problem is that we're not as active and organized as the gun lobby. So we need to build our movement of volunteers and leaders. If the politicians won't listen to us, we want 4000 volunteers prepared to hit the streets for a ballot initiative in 2024.

HOUSE PARTY CAMPAIGN: We're producing a 15 minute documentary featuring the stories of our members who are survivors of gun violence and have decided to become leaders as a result. We're asking our supporters all across this state to host a screening of this short film and lead a discussion about gun violence afterwards. The goal is to recruit your friends and neighbors to join the movement. We'll provide clear action steps for new volunteers. House parties can be a big community event at a house of worship or union hall, or they can be a few friends and neighbors in the back yard.

START DATE: We plan to launch the campaign January 28, with a big splash in the press and online.

EXPECTATIONS OF HOSTS: We need YOU to host a screening! Hosts will be responsible for securing a venue with the ability to screen the film. This can be anything from a house of worship with a projector and sound equipment to a living room television. A good internet connection is preferable as the film will be online, though DVD's may be available. Hosts will be responsible for inviting their community. EGVMI can help with some publicity, especially for the events on January 28th, but hosts should understand that most of the turn-out will come from their own networks. Hosts will be responsible for leading a discussion after the movie about gun violence in their own communities, proposed legislative solutions, and action steps. Hosts will be responsible for capturing the contact information of attendees and transmitting it back to EGVMI.

RESOURCES FOR HOSTS: EGVMI will provide training for hosts on organizing an event and leading a discussion. We will provide template materials, including invitations, press releases, emails, social media content, sign-in sheets, discussion prompts, policy papers, and action step guides. We can provide a registration system if needed. We will also provide access to the film. We can provide limited mental health training for hosts, as discussions of these issues can bring up memories of traumatic experiences.

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Find out more about End Gun Violence Michigan at

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