Interested in Baptism
We are so glad that you are taking this next step in baptism. We typically schedule baptism after a few people have expressed their interest. Baptisms are scheduled during a Saturday evening service and we arrange the service around the baptism. During the service we will give each person an opportunity to share their story (up to 5 min) of how they came to the point of being baptized.

We have an online course about Baptism that we will send to you via RightNow Media. It's not a required course, but is a resource for you to know and understand this step of Baptism and what it means. If you don't already have an account, an email will come to you with a link where you will be able to set up a FREE account before you can access the material. RightNow Media is like a Christian Netflix for Video Bible Study material. You can download their app and complete the course on your phone or tablet, or login on a computer.
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We are happy to walk with you as you take your next step in baptism!
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