2019-2020 Connections Classes Survey
Next school year, STMS will offer several connection or exploratory courses for our students. Each course will be one semester (2 nine weeks) in length. Below is a description of each connections' class. After carefully reading through the descriptions of each course, you will rank the courses that you are most interested in taking next school year.

Ag (Agriculture) Education: Students will explore agricultural concepts through relevant and meaningful learning experiences. Through a hands-on approach, students will learn about plant and animal systems associated with the agriculture industry, and have the opportunities to apply what they have learned through participating in real world tasks regularly. The focus of the course will be upon connecting agriculture to the students’ everyday lives and teaching skills necessary to successfully participate in STEM activities throughout all content areas. (The 8th grade course will be Basic Agricultural Science. Students that take and pass this year long course will receive high school credit for the class)

Foundations of Engineering and Technology: Students will explore engineering, technology, and the engineering design process through relevant and meaningful learning experiences. The course will provide an overview of careers in engineering, coding, robotics, and applying the engineering design process to create and solve real world problems. The hybrid course will combine online learning experiences with hands-on experiences, such as Lego Robotics.

Music Technology: Students will explore musical concepts by studying the film music industry. Film & Television have become particularly important to the economy of Georgia and students will learn about the sound design and music composition jobs in this industry. This class is a project based class where students will apply the knowledge that they gain through lectures & videos to music software projects where they will create their own original music and sounds to selected scenes from film.

Beginning Band (6th Grade): will familiarize students with reading notes and basic rhythm patterns, care for their instrument, proper playing habits, and to introduce the students to playing with a group through two public performances.

Intermediate Band(7th/8th): Intermediate Band builds on the knowledge & fundamentals of Beginning Band. The students will increase their proficiency on their instrument through more challenging music & exercises. Students will also have the opportunity for more public performances, which will prepare them for the transition into high school band. Beginning band is a prerequisite but any student may be eligible to join with permission from the director.

Physical Education: Students will actively participate in a variety of sports including team activities. The course is designed to practice and develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their life.

Weight Lifting: Students will participate in non-impact conditioning excercises designed to enhance muscular fitness (muscular endurance and muscular strength), balance, and improve body composition by sculpting and defining muscles through the use of various weight equipment.

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