Runeterra Discord Moderator Application
In this application you will answer a series of questions that will be sent to the moderation team as well as server administrators to determine if you are a good fit for the team. Please take this application seriously and answer questions as honestly and detailed as possible.

We are looking for individuals who can remain calm under pressure, perform redundant tasks in accordance with our internal policies, as well as serve as a positive figure in the server. Being able to deescalate situations and communicate through clear and concise messaging is very important for the role.

Please note that sometimes moderators see and handle graphic or sensitive content. If you are unable to handle sensitive content, moderation might not be the role for you. Please do not apply if you feel this will conflict with your ability as a moderator or your mental health.

If you are short on time, please note that this application may take a while. Applications that appear to not be taken seriously will be disregarded.
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