Taste Fest 2019 Car Show Sign Up
WARNING: All previous rules have changed.
This is the way you sign up Cars at the Taste Fest Car Show & Meet. Each contestant must fill out this from to be approved to enter there car into Taste Fest Car Alley. All Meet or (Car Alley) contestants approved are FREE and everyone in car must pay $35 each person for VIP Entry fee ($15 Discount). To enter into the Car Show element of event contestants must pay $50 donation entry fee for the chance to win Grand Prize. Every contestant must sign a waiver to participate to release event Host from any responsible of Damage to any car. We are looking for a Total of 50 cars.

Car Alley is a street going though the middle of the Taste Fest Event where cars can park and show off their Custom Cars, Foreign or Classic Cars. These cars are not in the contest but required to purchase a VIP Ticket to enter there cars pass the event check point. All contestant guest will receive a $15 discount on VIP Tickets.

This event will be cover by Local & National Press. This a opportunity to put your Custom Car on the Big Stage or in front of some new potential fans w/ much bragging rights. This is a Give Back to Cancer Benefit that will use portions of your Entry fees to donate to different Charities Taste fest Partners with on this event. These Charities will be broadcast on all upcoming promotion and advertisement.

There will be a Grand Prize of:
$300 Best Car or Truck

Winners receive trophies, Taste Fest Car Boss Champion T-Shirts, Bragging Rights, & Promotion for Next Years Taste Fest.
We cover your progress of customizing or new features add to your vehicle or New slab for the upcoming year at Taste fest 2020. Also winners receive entry into the Mega Fest Car Show Contest that will happen in 2021 city location TBA.

Thank you for signing up to day.

Car Show meets Basketball Tournament Meets Food & Music Festival
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You understand all guest have to get VIP Tickets? Only way they will be able to go everywhere contestant can.
Must buy Tickets No later than 3 days after filling out this Form?
Failure to do so will forfiet reserve slot. Thank you for your understand.
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