Questionnaire on food companies' needs in terms of export skills
Purpose of the study
The following questionnaire has been developed for the needs of the EU-funded ERASMUS+ project "ESCAPE" (Enhancing Sales Capacity for Agri-food Products in Europe). The ESCAPE project aims to develop a new training programme for students working towards a Master's Degree in Food Science, who wish to develop additional skills in international business and sales. A new educational method and content, comprising modules focused on sales and business skills, will be proposed based on this questionnaire.

Your responses to the following questions will allow for the project partners to tailor the content of the training to concrete needs as expressed by professionals.
Your responses will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. The data you are providing will be kept by the project consortium until the end of the project.
I have read the information above and understand it completely. I agree to participate in this research. International sales are important for my company's performance and aims - otherwise I should not continue completing the questionnaire.
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