Trungles's Tarot Deck Updates
I've been getting a lot of individual messages for the Tarot deck, and I'm stoked folks are excited about it! I always end up telling everyone that 1) it's a personal project, so I have no idea when I'll finish it as my contracted projects take priority, 2) it's not yet available for sale because I'm not done drawing the cards yet, and 3) I'm still looking shopping around for printers.

I'm not one for mailing lists, but if you'd like me to send you a note when the deck is finally completed (All Majors! All Suits! A Booklet!) and available for purchase in some form or another (online, hopefully!), add your name to this form. I'll send you a quick note as soon as the deck is available.

NOTE: If you already own a Majors Deck, there will be booster decks of Suits Only available for you if you would like to complete the deck. Specifying below will help me figure out how many boosters I may need to order.

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Color Options! (For funsies)
To cut printing costs, I may narrow down the options for the card backs. Below, you will find six color options. If you want, you can help me decide which of these I'll end up printing!
Color Options!
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