ICT Competency Quiz
This is competency quiz for 24th MCM (6/6/2022)
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Three main components of computer are *
Who was the creator of Facebook? *
Keyboard is an ___________ device. *
To clean the computer from the virus we required __________. *
Gmail can work offline *
Which of the following functions is not performed using a mouse? *
What should a strong password consist of? *
G Suite has been rebranded into *
Shortcut key to open a find dialog box is *
 Google Docs is Google's version of: *
The smallest unit of data in computer is ________________ *
One fast, simple, and secure browser for all your devices. *
Which famous personality has announced to launch a new social media network, called TRUTH Social? *
What can you do about Google Calendar? select all that apply *
Which social network does not provide users with selfie filters? *
Where are documents that you place on Google Drive stored? *
 Name this Google application. *
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How do you share a document with someone? *
Which social media company launched a set of publishing and subscription tools named ‘Bulletin’? *
What type of question allows you to select multiple answers? *
Which social network does not allow you to post photos via a desktop computer/laptop? *
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